“Meeting – Gratitude” Gala 2011

Posted On 19/12/2013

On 17 January 2012, at the hotel, The Vissai solemnly held a buffet party to welcome customers as well as agencies and partners that cooperate and support the nationwide and international development of brand “The Vissai” with the theme “Gratitude & Meeting”.

More than 500 partners, visitors and the Group’s employees attended the party

Photo: Visitors at The Vissai hotel

Photo: Visitors at The Vissai hotel

2011 was a tough and fierce year for enterprises in the world and domestic enterprises could not be outside such orbit. The financial crisis has made ​​many businesses totter or on the brink of bankruptcy. Thanks to the attention of the authorities and industries, officers and employees of THE VISSAI stood up to the challenges and constantly improve labor productivity with higher sales month after month, rehabilitate workers’ psychology as well as recruit workers and create jobs for over 1,800 workers in the locality and vicinity.

Photo: Singer Trong Tan

Photo: Singers Trong Tan and Anh Tho

Especially in the year, the Group signed a series of big export contracts to European market. With such results, The Vissai Cement Group was recognized as the best cement consumption unit in Vietnam, at the same time the top unit in export and voted as famous brand in 2011 by the US Forbes Magazine.

Photo: President Hoang Manh Truong

“I believe that such success which creates the solid foundation of the mark in 2011 will open to the spectacular breakthrough and development of The Vissai in 2012 – A sublime year of the Vietnamese dragon. The Vissai brand will forever accompany with you, as our slogan – Linking sustainable development. As a steering person, I would like to commit to accompany with you to steer the Vissai ship to overcome big oceans and conquer new lands.” said Mr. Hoang Manh Truong, the Group’s President at the conference. On this occasion, on behalf of Group’s employees, the Group’s President also sent gratitude to all domestic and international agencies as well as expressed thanks for sharing the fun with The Vissai Group in that gala night.

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