The Vissai first visit on Lunar New Year Giap Ngo 2014

Posted On 20/04/2014

Leaders of The Vissai Cement Group selected the second day of Lunar New Year to meet and begin the spring round of pleasure on Lunar New Year Giap Ngo 2014.


Group Leaders and Vissai 1’s staffs and employees


Group Leaders wishes General Director a happy new year

Right at 9:18a.m on the second day of Lunar New Year, at the Group Office, after the opening speech, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Oanh, the Group CEO stated the reason for the first meeting in early spring and sent happy New Year wishes to all the Group’s cadres and staffs.


General Director wishes Vissai 2’s staffs and employees a happy new year



General Director gives “lucky money”

On the same day, the Group’s senior leadership made their Happy New Year wishes and gave lucky money to all the cadres and staffs of The Vissai 1 Cement Plant, The Vissai 2 Cement Plant (Vissai Ha Nam), The Vissai 3 Cement Plant, The Vissai Lang Son Cement Plant (Dong Banh Cement), etc.

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