The Vissai – cooperative opportunity in Australian potential market

Posted On 21/12/2013

The Vissai Cement Group has just exported 33,000 tons cement from Cam Pha Port – Quang Ninh to Australia. This is the first export cargo of the Vissai Cement in 2013 to this market.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat – Deputy General Director of the Vissai Cement Group sai said that the Vissai Cement Group had exported cargoes to the markets to conquer this choosy and potential market. For 6 first months of 2013, we officially exported 1,8 million tons (600,000 tons cement and 1,2 million tons clinker) in the 3-million-ton cement export contract signed with the partners to the foreign markets. The Vissai planned to export 1 million tons cement and 2 million tons clinker to the markets like Singapore, Brunei, Africa, America and Middle East.

With the above output, the Vissai Cement Group is a pioneer in selecting Asian and African Regions as the key export markets in 2013. The reason is that they were potential markets due to lacked infrastructure and high construction demand.

To obtain these export contracts, besides ensuring product quality equivalent to international cement quality standards in the European and American markets, the Vissai Cement Group has thoroughly studied the markets and flexibly adjusted the mechanism of cement production, distribution, consumption and transport.

However, cement export is not simple because large cement export markets strictly require quality and other factors such as technology line, environmental protection, high-capacity plant and especially mobilization of a large volume of cement for a short time which a few Vietnam’s cement enterprises may satisfy.

Up to now, the Vissai Cement Group is the strongest cement export one in Vietnam, but calculates investments and advantages for cement export. In fact, upon export orientation, the cement producers in Vietnam have recognized difficulties in seeking foreign partners and markets and facilities conditions for seaport and means of transport.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat and the Vissai’s employees took photographs with the crew on Western Boheme Vessel.

Although disadvantages of geographic position and far shipment, the Vissai had seaport and means of transport by waterway and roadway and professional management system – a good condition to promote export.

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