The Vissai Mid-autumn Festival Night 2012

Posted On 20/12/2013

On the evening of 23/9/2012, at the campus of the Vissai’s Head Office, a Mid-autumn Festival and Study Encouragement Fund Awarding Ceremony for a new academic year was held for children.

As annual tradition and culture of VISSAI, in the Mid-autumn Festival and new academic year, under guideline of the Group’s Chairman, a Mid-autumn Festival and Study Encouragement Fund Awarding Ceremony was held for children who are sons and daughters of the Group’s employees and of the local communes by the Central Committee of the Youth Union in coordination with the Group’s Trade Union.

Participation of the Festival included representatives of the Group’s executive board, the Trade Union Central Committee and the Youth Union Central Committee, children and their parents who are the Group’s employees and children residing in the communes surrounding the Group.

At the opening, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Oanh – the Group’s General Director – on behalf of the Group’s executive board – gave a speech to express profound concerns and joy before incentive efforts and academic achievements of the Vissai’s young generations.

The Study Encouragement Fund Awarding Ceremony was held in the solemn atmosphere and full of excitement upon children who represented thousands of the children and had high academic achievements such as excellent students for 3 concessive years, winning prizes in the examinations (at district, municipal, provincial and national level) and passing university examination was awarded prizes by the Group’s leaders. With these incentive prizes from the Study Encouragement Fund, the Group’s executive board has trusted and hoped that the Vissai’s young generations, the country’s future owners, would incessantly strive for obtaining higher academic achievements and become good children of the Vissai great family.

This year, with support of the executive board, the Central Committees of the Trade Union and Youth Union expressed creativeness in organizing typical events, especially Mid-autumn Festival for children, from a colorful and lively stage with lion dances to lure and attractiveness of artistic performance program with participation of comic actors/actresses, professional artists from the circus and little singers: Chi Trung, Duc Khue, Van Dung and Tien Dzung (Prof. Cu Trong Xoay) … made good impressions. Sparkling and fanciful lamps were flight off the sky of the Mid-autumn Festival Night with wishes and expectations of the children … All created success in a Mid-autumn Festival day that the Vissai Cement Group wanted to bring the children – the Vissai’s young generations on the occasion of this new academic year.

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