Nearly 13 billion supported to “For the poor fund”

Posted On 19/12/2013

Responding to the call of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee to support “For the poor fund”, the enterprises have registered to support 12.7892 billion dong. List as follows:


The Vissai Group supports 4,800,000,000 dong

 The Cement Vissai Group supports 4,800,000,000 dong. Joint Stock Company –  Xuan Thanh Economic Group: 2,000,000,000 VND; Xuan Thanh Investment and Development Corporation  : 1,000,000,000 dong, Xuan Truong Construction Company: 2,000,000,000 dong, Thanh Cong Automobile Group (Gian Khau industrial Park): 300,000,000 dong, Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong, Director of Quang Trung Mechanical Enterprise: 300,000,000 dong, He Duong Cement Joint Stock Company: 300,000,000 dong, Cuong Thinh Thi Company Limited: 300,000,000 dong; Tam Diep Steel Company Limited (young Enterprise): 200,000,000 dong, Phuc Loc Company Limited: 200,000,000 dong; Vietnam Chemical Corporation: 100,000,000 dong, Xuan Dat Private Enterprise: 100,000,000 dong, Thanh Thang Company Limited: 100,000,000, Hai Son Investment and Development Corporation: 100,000,000 dong, Nam Ninh Construction Company: 100,000.000 dong, Kim Phat Construction Private Enterprise 100,000,000 dong, Duyen Ha Cement Company: 100,000,000 dong, Thong Nhat Construction Enterprise: 50,000,000 dong, Viet Thang Private Enterprise: 50,000.000 dong, Dong Thanh Handicraft Export Company Limited: 50,000,000 dong, Tam Diep Cement Company: 50,000,000 dong; Gia Thanh Stone Joint Stock Company: 30,000,000 dong, Hai Ha Company Limited (young entrepreneur): 30,000,000 dong, Phosphate Ninh Binh: 30,000,000 dong, Xuan Quyen Construction Enterprise: 30,000,000 dong, Long Van private Enterprise: 20,000,000 dong, Song Chanh Tile Joint Stock Company: 10,000,000 dong, Nho Quan District Enterprise Association: 10,000,000 dong, Agribank Branch: 10,000,000 dong,  Inland Waterway Transportation and Loading Company: 5,000,000 dong, Van Du company Limited: 3,000,000 dong, Duc Hung private enterprise: 3,000,000 dong, Thanh Mien Private Enterprise: 3,000,000 dong, Thanh Vinh private enterprise: 3,000,000 dong, Dai Doan Company Limited: 2,000,000 dong, Xuan Hoc private Enterprise: 2,000,000 dong, Thanh Binh Construction Private Enterprise: 1,000,000 dong, Hoai Huyen Private Enterprise: 1,000,000 dong, Ninh Phuong Private Enterprise: 1,000,000 dong; Hoa May private enterprises: 500,000 DONG, Quang Truong private enterprise: 500,000 dong, Tam Cuong Mechanical Factory: 500,000 dong, Bao Son Construction Company Limited: 5,000,000 dong; Ninh Binh Construction and Coal Mining Joint Stock company: 5,000,000 dong, Nguyen Hoang Import-Export Private Enterprises: 5,000,000 dong; Hanoi Housing Investment and Development Company No.27: 15,000,000 dong, Hong Quyen Private Enterprise: 1,000,000 dong; Hong Thao Design Consultant and Construction Enterprise: 5,000,000 dong; Hong Diep Notebook Paper Co., Ltd.: 2,000,000 dong, Ninh Khanh Company Limited: 1,000,000 dong, Construction Materials and Erection Joint Stock Company No. 5: 30,000,000 dong, Vu Duyen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: 5,000,000 dong; Anh Duc Company Limited: 10,000,000 dong, Quang Duc Company Limited: 10,000,000 dong, Loc Tai Company Limited: 10,000,000 dong,  Petroleum Global  Bank: 5,000,000 dong, Ninh Binh Viettel Branch  – Military Telecommunications Corporation: 10,000,000 dong, Ninh Binh Books and School Equipment: 1,000,000 dong; Hoang Yen pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: 500,000 dong, Huong Nam Mushrooms Enterprise: 2,000,000 dong; Thanh Hoa Export Product Enterprise: 5,000,000 dong, Hong Quang Supplies Company: 5,000,000 dong, Thong Thuong Construction and Trading Private Enterprise: 1,000,000 dong, Yen Phu Joint Stock Company: 5,000,000 dong, Tai Anh Wood Import Export Co., Ltd.: 30,000,000 dong,Cong Luc Construction Private Enterprises: 10,000,000 dong, Song Hao Private Enterprise: Construction Joint Stock Company: 5,000,000 dong, Ninh Binh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company: 10,000,000 dong, Manh Linh Co., Ltd: 5,000,000 dong; Mai Linh Ninh Binh One Member Company Limited: 5,000,000 ding; Ninh Binh Agricultural Irrigation Work Joint Stock Company: 5,000,000 dong, Hoang Anh Private Enterprise: 5,000,000 dong, Duc Thang Construction Private Enterprise: 1,000,000 dong, Waterway Transportation Joint Stock Company No.2: 5,000,000 dong; Ninh Binh Construction Consultant Joint Stock Company: 5,000,000 dong, Hoang Le Company Limited: 5,000,000 dong, Dung Minh Company Limited: 5,000,000, Thinh Nguyen Private Enterprise: 5,000,000 dong, Hung Oanh Construction Company Limited: 5,000,000 dong, International Technology Transfer Company: 1,000,000 dong, An Loc Company Limited: 5,000,000 dong, Huy Hoang Hotel: 5,000,000, Hong Nhung Company Limited: 10,000,000 dong, Ninh Binh Agricultural Product and Food Processing Joint Stock Company: 3,000,000 dong, Ninh Binh Import Export Production Joint Stock Company: 3,000,000 dong,  Ninh Binh Beer Joint Stock Company: 3,000,000 dong, Phu Hung Private Enterprise: 3,000,000 dong; Kien Anh Trading Investment Company: 2,000,000 dong, International Construction and Labor Supply Joint Stock Company: 1,200,000 dong, Tan Trang An Real Estate Joint Stock Company: 1,000,000 dong; May 01st Construction Private Enterprise: 10,000,000 dong.

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