Support victims of traffic accidents in Thanh Hoa

Posted On 19/12/2013

Upon the approval of the Group’s leadership, The Vissai’s administrative office and Union Executive Committee mobilized and called for donation to support two victims of traffic accidents: Mr. Anh Hoa, former staff of Equipment Department and Mr. Nam Nguyen, former staff of Electric Engineering Department.

ung ho

Responding to the call, the collective of plant staffs have volunteered to contribute in a spirit of mutual help and the raised amount was VND 40 million up to 9 July 2009.

On 10 July 2009, representatives of administrative office and Union Executive Committee paid a visit to the hometown of the two victims in Thanh Hoa for gift giving, accompanied by representatives of staffs from Equipment Department and Electric Engineering Department.

Representatives of families of the victims were so touched by the interest of the Group’s leaderships and collective of factory staffs. Such action captures the spirit of fellowship, the solidarity, mutual caring in difficult time and the responsibility to the deceased staff’s relatives by the plant’s collective of staffs.

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