Environmental protection is the leading targets of The Vissai Cement Group

Posted On 19/12/2013

Environmental Protection in the course of strong industrialization and modernization to meet quick and stainable development

In the trend of innovation and integration, our country has recently created new driving force to the development process with plenty of important economic and social achivements, overcoming impacts of global recession and remaining so high economic growth rate every year. However, the country has still faced with many challenges, including issues of harsh environmental degradation and unexpected consequences of climate change. Our country is one of the few countries suffering from the most severe impacts. They may be the critical variables in the development process of the country in the coming decades.

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Along with the development, stable business and production to bring the wealth to society in general and enterprises in particular, The Vissai Cement Group pays the special attentions to the environmental issues and considers it as the first task. The Group’s leader has mobilized money and made the best efforts to construct the environmentally friendly works such as planting more trees in its plants, use of water trucks for wetting and cleaning roads, investment in installation of the electrostatic dust filtration system, automatic gas emission counting system to secure to retain 99 % of the dust emission during the process of production for re-production, etc.

On 19th August 2013, at the inter-disciplinary conference of the province People’s Committee, the present representatives of the Natural Resources and Environment Department, Police Department, Fire Preventing & Fighting Department, Department of Planning and Investment, Industrial Parks Management Unit, etc checked and evaluated completion of environmental protection works under the approved Environmental Protection Project.

The representative of the Inspection Team, Mr. Le Khac Khoa – Deputy Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ninh Binh Province highly appreciated the efforts of The Vissai Cement Group: “We highly appreciate and acknowledge The Vissai Cement Group’s investment of billions dong in construction of environmentally friendly works. In general, The Vissai is one of the cement producing plants with the most green, clean and pretty environment, etc”

Also at the conference, another representative, Mr Tran Thanh Tuan – Deputy General Director of the Group expressed his gratitude to regular direction of the local government and committed to produce and run the business under the regulations and laws in one hand. On the other hand, it shall coordinate closely with the departments and the locality to reach its targets on environment protection and sustainable development with the highest determination to remain and control the best environment protection under the provisions of the Environmental Protection and Improvement Project


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