The Vissai full-moon night 2012

Posted On 19/12/2013

On the evening of 23 September 2012, at the office site, The Vissai Cement Group held a festival for children on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival and the Study Promotion Fund award ceremony to welcome new school year.

According to the annual tradition and The Vissai culture, in order to welcome Mid-Autumn Festival and to celebrate the new school year, under the direction of the Group’s President, General Director of the Company, the Executive Committee of the Union in collaboration with trade unions, the Group held a Mid-Autumn Festival and the Study Promotion Fund award ceremony for the children of staffs and workers of the Group and the communes in the province.

Attending the ceremony were representatives of the Group leaders, representatives of the Trade Union Committee, the Executive Committee of the Youth Union, children and parents who were cadres and workers at the Group and children from the communes surround the Group.

Opening the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Oanh, General Director of the Group acted on behalf of the Group’s leadership to express deep concerns and delights at the efforts and the encouraging academic achievement of the Vissai young generation.

The Study Promotion Fund award ceremony solemnly took place with full of excitement when each child in turn represent thousands of children who achieved high academic success with the title such as excellent student in 3 consecutive years, winner of the exam (district, city, province, nation), passer of the entrance exam to the University, to receive the Study Promotion Fund award from the leaders of the Group. With such incentives from this study promotion fund, the Group leaders always put their faith and hope in the Vissai’s younger generation, the future owner of the country who will constantly strive to achieve higher results in learning to deserve to be the descendant of the Vissai family.

This year, with the support of the Group’s leaders, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union and Youth Union has shown their creativity in the organization of the typical events, especially the arrangement of Mid-Autumn Festival for children. A splendid colorful stage with lively lion dance, the attraction of special art programs to celebrate the mid-autumn festival with the participation of the comedian, professional circus artists and kid singers such as Chi Trung, Duc Khue, Van Dung and Tien Dung (professor Cu Trong Xoay), etc. has left a lot of good impression in the hearts of children. Such beautiful sky lanterns were released in the sky of full-moon night bringing along the desires and hopes of the children… All have shown the success of a happy mid-autumn festival that the Vissai Cement Group brought for children – the Vissai younger generation on the occasion of new school year.

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