Party Congress of the Vissai Cement Group in the term of 2010-2015

Posted On 20/12/2013

On 29/4, the 1st Party Congress, the term of 2010-2015 was held by the Party Committee of the Vissai Cement Group. Participants in the Party Congress are Mr. Le Hong Thang, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee for the province’s enterprise bloc and 71 among 77 party members including 51 official party members

Mr. Le Hong Thang, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee for the province’s enterprise bloc together with the Executive Board of the Vissai’s Party Committee in the term of 2010-2015

Party cell of Vinakansai Cement Company Limited was established on 01/5/2007 in accordance with Decision No.161-QD/HU dated 24/4/2007 of the Standing Board of Gia Vien district. Before firm quality and quantity developments, on 19/5/2009, the Party Committee was established under Decision No.393-QD/DU of the Standing Board of the Party Committee for the enterprise bloc of Ninh Binh province and named “The Vissai Cement’s Party Committee”. In spite of being newly established, in the past term, the Party Committee, Member Council and Directorate of the Vissai Cement focus on leading effective production and business, obtaining the set criteria and annual plans, fulfilling all obligations to the State and improve life of the laborers. Cement yield obtained 299 thousand tons in 2007 and more 1,113 thousand tons up to 2009; clinker yield achieved 530 thousand tons and 984 thousand tons in 2009; revenue was 350 billion VND in 2007 and more 844 billion VND in 2009. With a view to push up production and business and enhance product quality, the Company has maintained and applied quality management system ISO 9001:2000, brought into play and applied technical improvement initiatives and then increase labor productivity and ensure product quality. Thereby, the Vissai cement trade name has appeared in most provinces and cities of Vietnam and its products has been consumed.

In construction of the Party Committee, it has focused on conducting “Study and follow Ho Chi Minh moral example” campaign and strengthening political and thinking education, inspection and supervision. Especially, the Party Committee has attached importance to development of the Party and considered as one of the top important tasks. From an initial party cell with 16 party members, after 3 years, up to now, the Party Committee has 77 party members joining 5 party cells. In 2009, the Company’s Party Committee was recognized as a pure and typically firm one.

The Party Congress has learned experience lessons in leading and realizing the political tasks in the past term and set orientations and tasks in the next term. Focus is on striving for average clinker production of 2.5 to 3.0 million tons/ year and average cement consumption of over 1.5 million tons/year; making payment to the State budget; enhancing material and spiritual life for the staff; ensuring stable jobs for the laborers and striving for higher income than the previous year …; striving for and nurturing 25 new party members admitted per year and maintain pure and strong Party Committee.

With high responsibility and strict working spirit, the Party Congress democratically selects and elects 7 members of the Executive Board of The Vissai Cement’s Party Committee in the new term. The Party Congress elected delegate to participate in the superior Party Committee’s Congress and approved Resolution of the Party Congress in the term of 2010-2015.

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