Report on the workers and employees union activities 2008

Posted On 19/12/2013


Performing the tasks in 2008, The Vissai Cement Company’s Basic Union organized many useful activities to welcome big holidays in 2008.

However, due to the bad impacts of floods together with complex progress of financial inflation, the performing of policy has coped with many difficulties that affect staffs and employees.


The Union executive committees had negotiated and signed the collective labor agreement with the content for the sake of workers. There are some points which are more beneficial to customer than the provisions of labor law.

The Union executive committee had participated with the locality to set up labor regulations, labor safety rules as well as regulations on wages, bonuses, labor norms, reward and discipline of the enterprise.

To guide employees and workers to sign individual labor contracts with enterprise director and ensure that they signed in accordance with laws. The total number of employees in the company is 992 people, 373 of who has already signed the contracts. The rest are staffs who signed the contract of training for line 2 and unskilled workers.

The labor safety and industrial hygiene are of great concern of the enterprise’s leaderships and Union Executive Committee. To establish an effective safety network and labor protection council.

The working conditions for employees and staffs have been significantly improved with full personal labor protective equipment. There were some fatal labor accidents that occurred during the year.

The Union President directly participated in the activities protecting the legal rights and benefits of employer and employees.

To support the enterprise’s director to launch the patriotic emulation movement. To always take care of physical and spiritual life of union members and staffs, especially provide fish meals that ensure quantity, quality, hygiene and pay attention to the accommodation issue for staffs.

The department unions did a good job in social activities. Employees and workers always helped each other in production and family business as well as helped troubled families with both mental and physical support.


The Union thoroughly grasps the guidelines of the Party and policies of the State. To organize hold training sessions for employees and staffs to study the rules and regulations of the company.

The union activities have been conducted to perform the targets set by the first Trade Union Congress. Currently, the number of Union members are 636/992 while the other 256 workers are interns who are prepared to be human resources for line 2 production and not eligible for admission. There are 7 to 12 strong department unions. 4 decent union members have been introduced to be eligible for admission.

The training for department and unit union members has not been properly performed. The basic union staffs are appointed to participate in the union professional training which was organized by Gia Vien District Union Leaderships. To promptly perform the information to upper trade union.

The Union Executive Committee of The Vissai Cement Company would like to brief some union activities. We are looking forward to opinions and guidelines from the Group’s leaderships and Ninh Binh District Union Leaderships.

Thank you!

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