Publisher ‘Bụi đời Chợ Lớn’ (Life in Lon market) complains to be calumniated

Posted On 23/12/2013

Thien Ngan Film Joint Stock Company believed that “Bụi đời Chợ Lớn” was dispersed in connection with the Company name was a slander.

After the uncompleted version of “Bụi đời Chợ Lớn” was leaked and dispersed on internet on 05/07, Thien Ngan Film Joint Stock Company, also its producer, sent official dispatch to the competent authorities for accusing and requesting to find out any organizations or individuals spreading the film illegally.

Johnny Trí Nguyen in “Bụi đời Chợ Lớn”.

Thien Ngan showed its urgency when Bụi đời Chợ Lớn was spread on You Tube and other websites intentionally associated with the name Galaxy (English name of Thien Ngan). Producer thought that this was the obvious slander and affirmed that it had completely complied with decisions of Cinema Department, all regulations of cinema law in particular and other legal regulations of Vietnam after prohibition decision was released. According to Thien Ngan, this was a violation to the Law of Vietnam and corrupted the prestige as well as economy of participants in Bụi đời Chợ Lớn other than Thien Ngan

Bụi đời Chợ Lớn was produced by Chanh Phuong Films, invested and released by Thien Ngan film Joint Stock Company. The film was invested up to VND 16 billion, however it had not been censored and had permanent prohibition. Version Bụi đời Chợ Lớn illegally issued was a draft under revision, not the completion of the film.
Thien Thao

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