The most unique tours in the planet

Posted On 23/12/2013

Travel to the Moon or to the land of dwarves is the most unique tours ever that can take the attention of those who love discovery.

1. Travel to the Moon

Du lịch độc đáo nhất nhì hành tinh

A Russian airline has offered visitors with the opportunity to explore the Moon. This special holiday will last for a week and the spacecraft’s speed can reach 17,000km/hour, enabling the visitors to watch the stars, see how the Moon is lighted up and observe the Earth from the distance of 250,000 miles. However, the visitors must be through a training course lasting for four months on a spacecraft with two seats with $ 100 million USD for each.

2. One-million-USD holiday

Du lịch độc đáo nhất nhì hành tinh

Emirates Palace Hotel has offered a travel package worth $ 1 million, including airfare, 7 nights in the president’s room of the hotel, travelling by limousine during residence in Abu Dhabi and daily provision of premium Spa services.

3. Travel with mermaid

Du lịch độc đáo nhất nhì hành tinh

Each year the mermaids in west Florida attract a huge number of tourists, including many stars. Weeki Wachee resort has been built beside a natural hot spring and the tourists may swim with the mermaids underwater without getting wet.

4. Naked travel

Du lịch độc đáo nhất nhì hành tinh

All you have to take with you is sun-cream, cosmetics for one week, hat and shoes for an unique tour. With a small bag to take the necessary things, you have had a light tour without caring about the bulky luggage.

5. Travel with…pigs

Du lịch độc đáo nhất nhì hành tinh

If you dare, you may travel and swim with pigs. You don’t have to worry that they may bit anyone as when you swim with dolphins, as long as you do not babble about sausages inside their ears.

6. Travel to the park of dwarves

Du lịch độc đáo nhất nhì hành tinh

The park of dwarves is located on a hilltop in southern China. All the staffs here are shorter than 4 feet. This park has got special interest of people in the world and it offers opportunities of works for ones who have trouble with their height.

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