Ninh Binh towards organization of cave festival

Posted On 18/12/2013

Ninh Binh Tourism – in the afternoon on October 02nd, King Ly Cong Uan (played by actor Quoc Anh) together the entourage pull in to Chuong Duong wharf after moving the capital from Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh) to Thang Long, end of the days reconstructing the historical immigrant journey.


Based on historical data, the journey of King Ly Cong Uan started from Sao Khe River, through Hoang Long river to Day river and straight forwards Red River.



“Journey to trace the ancients ” – one of the typical programs for celebration of great festival day that takes place from September 30th, starts from Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh) and ends at Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – Hanoi in the afternoon on October 02nd.

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