Ninh Binh Tour: Good impression in early year

Posted On 21/12/2013

A recognizable thing of Ninh Binh tourism industry in recent years is sudden increase in tourists in early spring, especially in Trang An Nature Reserve. This not only indicates its attractiveness but also proves that Ninh Binh tourism industry has accessed to professional manner to make a strong impression on the tourists.

Warm spring air and long Tet holidays is a favorable condition for people to enjoy the spring. With advantages of geographic and landscape favored by nature, Ninh Binh is an attractive destination of tourists in spring. A recognizable thing of Ninh Binh tourism industry in recent years is sudden increase in tourists in early spring, especially in Trang An Nature Reserve. This not only indicates its attractiveness but also proves that Ninh Binh tourism industry has accessed to professional manner to make a strong impression on the tourists.

Carry palanquin in Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival in 2013. Photo: N.T

On an early spring day, we follow a stream of people to Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival. On the roadsides from National Highway 1A to the pagoda, its landscape is very beautiful with limestone mountain chains and luxuriant Bodhi trees called “future Bodhi city”. Compared to previous years, facilities and security here have been considerably improved. This year, a new transport stop, about 3km from Tam Quan Gate and 200ha in area has basically been completed and operated, remedying traffic congestion in front of the pagoda gate. According to preliminary statistics of the concerned authority, although tourists to worship Bai Dinh Pagoda obtained 30-50 ten thousand people and doubled during peak days, traffic congestion hardly occurs and all people to the Festival feel leisurely and contentedly. A new thing of Bai Dinh Pagoda tour this year is that Xuan Truong Construction Enterprise operates 200 trams to serve for tourists. Many people feel surprised and eager. Mrs. Huong (Nho Quan District) said that “our family annually goes on a pilgrimage to Bai Dinh Pagoda to worship Buddha and pray a peace and contented new year.

This year, I feel professional, convenient and less congested with trams and tourists have opportunity to sightsee overall area of Bai Dinh Pagoda. However, it is expensive for ticket fare of VND 50,000/ person. Moreover, I see that many trams have power failure upon operation and tourists must walk 1 km. Mr. Dinh (Hanoi) also expressed that “This year it is the first time I have visited to Bai Dinh Pagoda. I think this will be the most ideal and attractive spiritual tourist site, particularly in Hanoi and vicinities. Not only is here beautiful and imposing but also service rather good, order and less insistence and solicitant attitude of the Management Board and local people.

To end the pilgrimage to Bai Dinh Pagoda, we went sightseeing of Trang An Nature Reserve, an emphasizing point of Trang An Nature Reserve, a heritage having been evaluated as the next candidate in the list of “world heritages” under mixed criteria. Perhaps by good advertising during past time, a number of tourists to Trang An in early year increase suddenly and it is expected to obtain ten thousands of tourists a day. It is easy to understand why the congestion occurs continuously in Trang An. Although Trang An boat station has about 1,000 ferry-boats, it is not enough to serve for increasing tourists. A recognizable thing here is rather good and impressive serving attitude of the Management Board and ferrypersons. Mrs. Mac Thi Van (Hai Duong City), after sightseeing to Trang An, commented that although I must wait for the ferry-boat for an hour, be tired and lost time, we seem to forget tiredness with courteous servicing attitude of the ferryperson and beautiful landscape. The ferryperson here guides well and enthusiastically as a tour-guide without suggesting asking tip from the tourists”.

“I make impression on Trang An landscape whose mountains and rivers are primitive and not affected by human. Especially, water is blue and pure to see botanical system under the lake bottom. This proves that the local authorities have well preserved and promoted values of the heritage. Besides, tourist civilization in Trang An is rather order without soliciting, scrambling for and sticking to the tourists like in other tourist sites. If the local authorities and people in Ninh Binh province continue to maintain this actual state, I believe that Trang An Nature Reserve will early become a world heritage and attract a great number of tourists to Trang An, bringing large incomes for the people here”, said  Mr. Tran Van Nam, a tour-guide of Star Travel Corporation (Hanoi).

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy, a ferryperson for 3 years, said that although the ferrypersons do not join many tourism training courses, they are enthusiastic and considerate in serving for tourists as stipulated by the Management Board. Moreover, all people determine that it is a long-term task and they must make efforts. Mrs. Thuy confided that most of the ferrypersons here are native and know oral stories about this area; therefore, they act as tour-guides and obtain sympathy from tourists. During each 15-minute trip by river-way, they must row their boats by hands and be rather tired but joyful upon the tourists ask questions. As tour-guides, we also remind the tourists to keep environment clean and not drop litters on the boats and river upon sightseeing.

As acknowledged in the province’s tourist sites, although forcing the tourists to buy goods, beggars and taking photographs in a disorder manner or uncivilized behaviors of some service providers …, it may confirm that Ninh Binh tourism industry has basically changed both quality and quantity. Under the initial evaluation of the concerned authorities, up to now, the tourists in the province have been welcomed relatively well; a number of tourists increase compared to the previous years, in which domestic tourists predominate. Although the tourists to Ninh Binh are rather crowded, security and order, traffic safety, environmental sanitation, reception and services … in the tourist sites are done in a good and effective manner.

Previously, the concerned agencies and local authorities having tourist sites have planned, managed, served and prepared conditions of facilities and human resources … to meet requirements of the tourists. The province has focused on leading the units to deal in investment tourism; improve accommodations; maintain and repair equipments; require the units to assign staffs on duty in Tet holidays. Due to considerate preparation, the tourists in the tourist sites are welcomed and served effectively to leave good impressions on the tourists upon visiting the ancient capital.

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