Vietnam’s Women 20-10-2012 Anniversary

Posted On 21/12/2013

On 20/10/2012, a 82-year celebration of Vietnam’s Women Union (20/10/1930 – 20/10/2012) was held by The Vissai Cement Group to meet and exchange with female union members and head of the female employee board of the Group.

In the celebration, Mrs. La Thi Hong Nhung, Deputy Chairwoman of The Vissai’s Trade Union reviewed history of Vietnam’s women movements with the delegates to confirm role and position of the women in making important contribution to socio-economic development and encourage spirit of emulation and creativeness and honor typical examples of women.

Mrs. Nhung confirmed that in any post, The Vissai’s female employees have been dynamic, creative and active to study, train and make efforts to fulfill the assigned tasks and reach productivity, quality and high efficiency. They have proactively participated in activities and emulation movements such as “Good at social affairs and responsible for family affairs” movement, technical advance idea movement, art performance and sport movement and administrative procedures reform movement … Annually, the Trade Union and the Female Employee Board as well as the higher levels have concerned about and timely encourage female employees who have extremely difficult situations and cared of their children on Tet holiday and early school year. They are always dynamic and creative in working but keep role and position of wives, mothers and filial children in family.

To prepare women activities in the coming time, Mrs. Nhung has guided the Female Employee Board to continuous to effectively deploy active programs and to obtain objectives of The Vissai to become the top cement production group of Vietnam; function to represent and protect legal and legitimate rights and interests for female employees; build up female labor force to have health, knowledge, professional skills, dynamics and creativeness; continue to push up emulation movement, propagandize gender, family, population and reproductive health knowledge, domestic violence prevention and child education and care program … The celebration took place solemnly with many special items on the performance. On this occasion, the Executive Board also sent flowers and presents to all female employees of the Group.

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