President of Vietnam, Truong Tan Sang launched the Planting festival in Kim Son, Ninh Binh

Posted On 19/12/2013

In the morning, 29th of January (or 7th January 2012), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development cooperated with the Provincial People’s Committee to hold the mobilization of planting festival-Grateful Uncle Ho perpetually in Kim Dong, Kim Son district.

Mr. Truong Tan Sang, Politburo member, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Mr. Tran Dai Quang, Politburo member, Minister of Public Security; leaders of the President Office; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ministry of Planning and Investment, Central Communist Youth Union; Vietnam Association for the Elderly attended the planting festival. Mr. Bui Van Nam, Central Party Commissioner, Provincial Party Committee Secretary; in the side of province, comrades in The Provincial Standing Committee, leaders of the Provincial People’s Committee; leaders of departments, divisions and industries of the province; leaders of Kim Son district, Kim Dong commune and full of the people and students in the region attended.

President Truong Tan Sang wished Happy New Year Ninh Binh Party Committee, the army and the people

Comrade Vu Van Tam, the Central Party Commissioner, Prime Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development emphasized the position and role of the planting in the community living, especially in the time of climate change which Vietnam is a seriously affected country.

In the festival, President Truong Tan Sang stated that at present when the earth temperature was warmer, climate change and sea level rise threatened the people’s living in the earth and in order for the stable development of the economy at the same time with environmental protection, thus, the planting and afforestation, forest protection had the significantly strategic importance. Every people, family, agency, unit and locality kept enthusiasm in planting and afforestation, planting of fruits, timbers, wind-breaks, dike protection trees, erosion-resistant trees, sand-resistant trees, planting in the hamlets, along the traffic roads, coastal areas, border and island areas, bare hills and barren land, etc. corresponding to the conditions of every place, region and area. In addition, it was essential to raise the awareness and provided specific and practical measures to protect the forests, prevent the forest cutting and fire, or illegally forest exploitation, etc. Implementing well those duties meant to follow the Uncle Ho’s teaching, both contributing to the economic development, poverty alleviation, increasing the people’s income and maintaining the living environment for the posterities.

President Truong Tan Sang thurified in Truong Han Sieu temple

On behalf of the Provincial Party Committee, comrade Bui Van Thang, Deputy Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee stated that in addition to the concentration of socio-economic development in recent years, Ninh Binh regularly propagandized the objectives and importance of the planting and afforestation to raise the awareness of the Party Committees, the Government and the People. Mission on planting, afforestation and forest protection therefore achieved the position results. In implementation of the National target program on newly planting 5 million ha of forest, Ninh Binh newly planted 3000 ha of forest and over 5 million of dispersal trees, increasing the forest coverage by over 20%, contributing to the environmental protection.

 President Truong Tan Sang talked with the people of Kim Dong commune

Immediately after, President Truong Tan Sang together with leaders of Ministers and industries and provincial leaders and leaders of departments, industries and divisions attended the plant in Kim Dong commune (Kim Son). In the mobilization morning, in the area, there were 600 casuarinas planted. President then thurified and planted at Nguyen Cong Tru temple (Kim Son); Truong Han Sieu temple (Ninh Binh city), and Bai Dinh pagoda (Gia Vien).

In the afternoon of the same day, President and members in the Delegation came and wished the Happy New Year the Party Committees, the army and the people of Ninh Binh in the Provincial Party Committee’s hall. Comrade Bui Van Nam, Central Party Commissioner, Provincial Party Committee Secretary reported the socio-economic development of the province.

Speaking at the working, President Truong Tan Sang recognized and praised achievements regarding the socio-economic development of Ninh Binh in recent years and pointed out the industry and services accounted for the high density in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but agriculture was still taken interest in the development by the province, that was the right direction, especially when the world was severely affected by the climate change. President Truong Tan Sang also notified the Party Committee, the army and the people of the situation of the national socio-economic development, advantages and difficulties in the planned year 2012; internal affairs and foreign affairs of the Party and the country, etc. President wished Ninh Binh to overcome the difficulties, promote achievement gained and continuously strive to develop faster and stronger in the future.

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