Half a century, the school named the Communist Youth Luong Van Tuy

Posted On 18/12/2013


Luong Van Tuy Specialized High School. Photo: Phuong Loan

In the please and excited atmosphere of celebrating the 50th establishment anniversary (1959-2009), teachers and students of the school always born in mind the achievements and contributions of generations of officials, teachers, and students of the school.

Those contributions helped Luong Van Tuy school to become a high quality education address in the province, meeting the requirements of the construction and defense of the country, deserving of the expectation and trust of the party committees at all levels, the local governments and inhabitants.

Remembering the dawn of the school, facilities were lacked with only 4 class at grade 8 (now grade 10) and 219 students and 12 teachers. Overcoming those difficulties, the school teachers and students bettered themselves to be “good teaching and good learning”, building the “first bricks” to place “the foundation” for the solid development of the school in the latter stages.
The period 1965-1975 along with the country fighting against the destructive wars of the U.S. empire, in the fierce war conditions, the school had always launched the movement of good teaching and good learning, ensuring the training quality and having many province-level excellent students as well as excellent students all over the North. Also during that period, many teachers and students followed the sacred call of the Fatherland to enjoy the army. Some was heroically died in the battlefield contributing to write the gloriously historic chapters of the nation together with generations of the elders.
The country was united, the whole country entered in a new period of socialist construction, mission on education required the school to take further efforts to gradually improve the training quality, satisfying the requirements and duties in the new situation. In 1984, the School was offered the emulation flag for the most excellent units in the Secondary education sector by Ministry of Education and Training and appraised as one of 9 excellently advanced schools at high school block all over the country.

In 1992, Ninh Binh province was re-established. Luong Van Tuy school had many chances and conditions for rising and achieving many positive results significantly contributing to the “honor roll” of achievements of the provincial education. In the school year 1992-1993, the school was allowed by the Province to expand the specialized system, determined as a key and high quality school, “a cradle” of fostering good students, helping to discover and cultivate talents for the fatherland and the country as well. Being taken interest and created favorable conditions in terms of regime, policy, team of staff and facilities, etc. by the province and the Educational sector, the punctual and effective encouragement of students’ parents and the whole community that added more strength to teachers and students in promoting the tradition of good teaching and good learning, solidarity, unity, increasingly improving the educational quality.

From 1992 up to now, the efforts and struggles of teachers and students of the school was recognized worthily by 6,000 good students at the provincial level, 594 good students at the National level (with 16 first prizes, 119 second prizes, 253 third prizes and 206 consolation prizes). The school also entered its name on the international intellectual arena with proud achievements such as Silver Medal in Biology by student Pham Viet Phuogn in 1996, International certificate of merit in chemistry by student Pham Thi Nam Binh in 2001,

international bronze medal in Biology by student Nguyen Tuan Anh in 2002 and recently international bronze medal in chemistry by student Nguyen Thi Thu Ha. The percentage of students graduating from grade 12 annually reached from 95-100%, the percentage of students passing the entrance examination in the universities and colleges was at 75% or more.
Teachers and students exchanged knowledge overtime. Photo: Pham Truong.

Besides the main task of teaching and learning, the school teachers and students actively participated and achieved many accomplishments in the movements of culture, arts, sports and information communications, etc. held by the locality and the sector. From the simple scale of the school and class in the early days, so far the school facilities, equipment for teaching and learning are synchronously and modernly invested. Team of staff, teachers and officials included 135 persons at good virtuous characters, qualification and profession were wholly trained to reach the standards satisfying the requirements of teaching and learning in the new period. In the school year 2009-2010, the school Shad 40 classes with 1,349 students, 29 of which were specialized classes and 11 unspecialized classes.
Half a century of construction and mature, with the ceaseless efforts and struggle, generations of teachers and students of the school were extremely excited and proud because of excellently completing the politic duty of a key and high quality school remarkably contributing to the “honor roll” of glorious achievements of the Provincial Education and Training.
In the last 50 years, the school was honorably received a lot of certificates of merit, emulation flags, First class labor medal, Second class labor medal and third class independence order by the State Council, the Prime Minister, Ministry of Education and Training, Provincial People’s Committee and Department of Education, etc. In 2000, the school was awarded the title of Labor Hero of renewal period.

Inheriting and following the achievements left by generations of teachers and students, in the school year 2008-2009, the 50th school year, there was a lot of difficulties and deficiency however the school excellently completed the school year duties. There were 19.5% of perfect good students, 73.2% of fairly good students. The rate of graduating grade 12 was 100%. There were 205 good students at provincial level, 51 good students in the area of the northern coastal plain provinces and 39 good students at the national level.

In the respect and gratitude with contributions of the previous generations, being excited and proud of the school’s tradition, the community of teachers and students were more aware of their responsibility for the innovation of the Fatherland, the country and Education to continuously further strive and practice, promoting the achievements obtained, writing the traditional yellow pages of the school honored to bear the name of the loyal communist Luong Van Tuy.

Meritorious teacher and Principal Pham Van Dang

Source Ninh Binh Newspaper

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