Mr. Tran Tho takes the place of Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh

Posted On 22/12/2013

Mr. Tran Tho was trusted and nominated by Da Nang People’s Council and elected by 47 out of 48 members (one absented with reason). The meeting also dismissed the Chairman Nguyen Ba Thanh because of being assigned to hold the position of Head of Central Committee of Internal Affairs in Hanoi by the Politburo.

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Mr. Tran Tho, in charge of Da Nang Committee of the Party, won in the election of Chairman of Da Nang People’s Council. Image: Nguyen Dong

Speaking after being elected, Mr. Tran Tho said he would try his best to complete the tasks. Recognizing the difficult challenges in the terms of socio-economy in 2012 significantly affecting that in 2013 and surely lasting for the following years, he called: “Each of us has to further promote the comprehensive strengths, concentrating, striving, and thinking correctly and working more and more, striving to maintain a stable Da Nang, continuing the sustainable development.”
The new Chairman of City People’s Council suggested the delegates to ceaselessly listen carefully, immediately reflecting the reasonable, legal and proper and recommendations of the people, enhancing the supervisory liability, implementing resolutions of the People’s Council to improve the living standards of the people.

Holding office as the Chairman of Da Nang People’s Council since 2004, Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh asserted he had strived at best in favor of that position and was very touched as saying goodbye while there were a lot of unfinished duties. He also expressed his gratitude to the People’s Council members, teams of officials and the citizens who always supported him on his service, expected the people to ignore his omissions and concurrently sent the message to the city leadership to at any time unite and build the trust within the people.

Head of Central Committee of Internal Affairs also wished Da Nang to continue the administrative reform, improving the responsibility in serving the people, re-distributing the population, focusing on the clearance and compensation and arranging the apartments for civil servants and the poor, resolutely rubbing out the image that the poor had to commonly pay to have the house.

“My duties are today finished but my responsibility still lasts. I contribute my general ideas however you must take responsibility for your decisions. Building Da Nang as today, we are not entitled to satisfy that there are many works to do. I believe that the city will further develop provided that all of you must be in the same mind, and as doing, it must be conclusively,” Mr. Thanh said and showed to continuously hold the office of Chairman of the National Assembly delegation, Chairman of the unfortunate children of the City.

Head of Central Committee of Internal Affairs also expressed that there were many Department leaders signed with relief in the meetings when he was not be Chairman of the People’s Council because they would not be questioned or blamed. “I request Mr. Tran Tho to continue this spirit. Not discipline or punish someone that to be responsible with the people,” Mr. Thanh stressed.

In respect of the position of the Party Committee Secretary, Mr. Thanh revealed: “It is likely Mr. Tran Van Minh (former Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee) will hold the position of the Party Committee Secretary, or the Politburo will appoint the Central party member to hold this position.”
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