The four great kungfu superstars extremely famous in Cbiz

Posted On 23/12/2013

They attract the audiences by their acting ways as well as beautiful fighting. Vietnamese audiences have once been bewitching with their sophisticated but funny fighting on the screen.

Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee is considered as the “Grandmaster” in the movies of Chinese kungfu.

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Bruce Lee and his wife Linda.

Referring to the kungfu stars, we cannot fail to mention the famous actor cum the kungfu master Bruce Lee. He is one of the most famous and admirable kungfu actors in the history. The audiences have one been overwhelmed watching Bruce Lee’s sophisticated fighting through the movies with his presence such as The Big Boss (1971), Fist of Fury, The Chinese Connection (1972), The Way of the Dragon (1972), Enter the Dragon (1973)…Until now, despite the appearance of Jackie Chan or Jet Li, no one can overstep such a great shadow of Bruce Lee. The audience once praised him as the master of Chinese kungfu. Although he passed away at such a young age, his contributions and dedications to the cinema as well as kungfu field will never be forgotten.

Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan is now a cult kungfu star.

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Jackie Chan brought his wife into his last action movie.

After Bruce Lee, the audiences know about other name that makes Chinese kungfu well-known all over the world – Jackie Chan. Not biased in traditional kungfu, the movies by Jackie Chan are featured by humor and cuteness. The audience may easily laugh even after a dangerous fighting in Jackie Chan movies. Drunken Master, Project A, Rumble in the Bronx, Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, The Myth…are the movies that have made the name of this famous kungfu star. Recently, Jackie Chan has just introduced the movie Chinese Zodiac. This is considered as the final kungfu movie in Jackie Chan’s career. In this movie, there is also the presence of Lin Feng-jiao – his wife together with some famous guest stars as Shu Qi and Daniel Wu.

Jet Li

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Jet Li is famous to both Asian and European audiences.

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His fame comes from kungfu role in the movies about Fong Sai-yuk and Wong Fei-hung.

Jet Li is also a famous actor in movies about Chinese kungfu. His name became popular through the very first cinematographic work Shaolin Temple. The movie affected audiences not only in Southeast Asia but also in Japan and the U.S.A. Still action movies with beautiful fighting but with Jet Li, we can see the difference from the seniors. Referring to Jet Li means referring to the movies associated to his name such as Fong Sai Yuk 1 & 2, Once Upon A Time in China 2 & 3, Romeo Must Die, Kiss of the Dragon…and perhaps, the most impressive one is Hero. Hero is considered as the best movie in the life of this famous actor.
Stephen Chow

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Despite of nonsensical comedies, the King of comedy gets the love of many audiences.

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Stephen Chow and the love rumor with Shu Qi in Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons 2013.

Favorably named by the audiences with the pseudonym King of comedy, the movies by Stephen Chow sometimes did come seriously and toughly with beautiful fighting scenes, and sometimes did come comfortably and innocently with somehow nonsensical humor. However, those two different factors have brought the distinctive features in the movies of director Chow. He has got many great awards for his roles in such movies as Shaolin soccer, Journey to the West, Kungfu Hustle…The audiences may see the “true man” of Stephen Chow and also the higgledy-piggledy manner in these movies. For such cuteness, the famous King of comedy always get the love of the audiences, especially female audiences. Recently, Stephen Chow has debuted the movie Journey to the West with the presence of such famous stars as Shu Qi, Wen Zhang, Huang Bo, Show Luo, Lee Sheung Ching…The movie has got a terrific box office revenue and been released in many countries.

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