Mr. Cao Duc Phat, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development worked in Ninh Binh

Posted On 19/12/2013

On 17-6, Mr. Cao Duc Phat, the Party Central Commissioner and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development visited and worked in Ninh Binh.

Bộ Trưởng và lãnh đạo tỉnh thăm cánh đồng mẫu sản xuất lúa chất lượng cao.

Minister and provincial leaders visited sample field of high-quality rice cultivation.

Welcomed and worked with the Minister were Mr. Bui Van Nam, the Central Party Commissioner and the Provincial Party Committee Secretary; Mr. Dinh Quoc Tri, the Standing Member and Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh, the Alternate member of the Party Central Committee and a standing member, Head of the National Assembly Delegation of the Province, Yen Khanh District Party Committee Secretary; leaders Agriculture and Rural Development Department; leaders of Yen Khanh and Kim Son districts.

At the meeting, Mr. Dinh Quoc Tri reported to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on the agricultural and rural situations in the province in the last time; leadership representatives of Yen Khanh and Thanh Khanh commune reported on the program implementation of the sample field and manufacture of high-quality pure rice variety.

In recent years, thanks to the interest of the central government, concentration in instruction and direction of all levels and departments in the province, the agricultural and rural fields achieved important results, positively contributing on the socio-economic development of the province.

Production of agriculture, forestry and aquaculture had new paces in both restructuring of crops and livestock, application of advanced science and technology, improvement of the intensive qualification, area, yield and productivity. The production value of over 1 ha of cultivation land reached VND 86 million/year, cereal production reached 51.4 thousand tons. The rural face had many innovations, investment and upgrading of rural infrastructure were concerned, the material and spiritual life of the rural people was increasingly enhanced.

The Minister and  Provincial leaders checked the quality of agricultural products in Yen Khanh district.

In the Winter-Spring 2012, in the province nearly 42 thousand hectares was cultivated, over 101% of the plan, so far harvested over 62% of the area, the yield was estimated at 65 quintals/ ha. Livestock and poultry breeding stably developed. The protection of forests was enhanced. The aquaculture rapidly developed in both farming and fishing. Initially efficiently exploiting the alluvial coastal area Kim Son by hatching sugpo parwn, crab, clam. Irrigation infrastructure was concerned to invest, dikes were repaired, reinforced more stronger, till now over 40% of the dikes were hardened. Many pump stations were repaired and constructed, dam and reservoir system was upgraded effectively, ensuring the irrigation. Flood and storm prevention and protection and rescue were focused.

The National target program on building new rural area was focused on implementing and achieved initial results.

The program on builting sample field of high-quality and pure rice variety production was implemented on Yen Khanh district with obviously efficiency.

The Minister and the provincial leaders visited some synthetic models of garden, pond and barn.

The investment in the construction and upgrading of key hydraulic works for agricultural production and response to climate change and sea level rise such as regulation of Day river; upgrading and reconstructing the system of Ta Vac pump station, Yen Khanh district; Kim Dai lock construction project to prevent saline infiltration and fresh water preservation, building Le lock nodal pump station; hydraulic work construction projects serving aquaculture were also cared and focused etc. 

Mr. Bui Van Nam, the Central Party Commissioner and Provincial Party Committee Secretary further discussed on some problems of agriculture, rural area which were actively implemented by the province such as the national target program to build new rural areas, investment in irrigation system, dredging and regulation of Day river mouth; overall development of Kim Son district coastal alluvial ground …

The Minister and leaders of Ninh Binh province viewed planning map of Day river mouth

Through test, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development noted and appreciated results achieved by Ninh Binh in the fields of agriculture and rural area in the last years, especially the construction of the large sample field, cultivation of the productive and high-quality rice varieties as well as development of marine economy. Program on building new countryside in Ninh Binh was efficiently performed with many excellent and creative methods.

Mr. Cao Duc Phat proposed Ninh Binh to promote the results achieved, in the coming time, continue to be provide efficient and quality models to be produced, contributing to improvement and enhancement of the people’s lives. At the same time, the province directed construction units to speed up progress of works and projects, ensuring the flood and storm prevention and protection, traffic and socio-economic development. The Minister also fully acquired recommendations of Ninh Binh province, the Ministry would study and report to the Government in the near future.

On this occasion, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Provincial Party Committee Secretary visited model of garden, pond and barn of family Nguyen Van Cau at hamlet 14, Khanh Thanh commune (Yen Khanh); visited and gifted parishioner family success in business Vu Van Bao, wounded soldier of 2/4 grade at in Kim My commune (Kim Son).

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