The Provincial Standing Committee of the Party heard reports on the investment attraction

Posted On 19/12/2013

On 5-6, The Provincial Standing Committee of the Party organized a conference to hear the provincial People’s Committee reported on investment attraction to Ninh Binh province.

Mr. Bui Van Nam, the Central Party Commissioner and Provincial Party Committee Secretary chaired the conference. Attending the conference were Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council; Mr . Bui Van Thang, the Deputy Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, comrades in The Provincial Standing Committee, Department Directors of Investment and Planning, Health, Science and Technology, Construction, Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade, Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Management Boards of industrial parks.

On behalf of the Provincial People’s Committee, Mr. Dinh Quoc Tri, the Standing Member, Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee reported on the province’s investment attraction and orientation in the future. Up to now, the province approved investments or issued 451 investment certificates with a total registered capital of VND 82,180 billion, of which the provincial People’s Committee issued 257 projects with registered capital of VND 40,243.4 billion, the management boards issued 70 projects with registered capital of VND 41,483.4 billion, the People’s Committee of districts, cities and townships issued 124 projects with registered capital of VND 453.2 billion. The investment projects in the field of tourism, entertainment, culture included 101 projects, 308 of industrial and trade projects; 42 of agriculture projects. The directly foreign investment projects included 27 projects with 11 nations having the investment projects. 293 out of a total of 451 projects was put into production, or partially went into production with a total investment capital of VND 37,846 billion, 54 projects were under construction with registered capital of VND 23,726 billion, 50 projects were in slow progress with registered capital of VND 14,807 and 54 projects were recovered with registered capital of VND 5,801 billion.

Thus, within the period 2006-2011, Ninh Binh has attracted many investors with capacity and large scale, high feasibility, etc. remarkably contributing to bring the province from a agricultural province to a province with developed industry and tourism. However, businesses’ investments were not concentrated, some projects had not followed the contents, delaying, using the natural resources inefficiently, polluting the environment, labors’ income were not match, raising capital difficulty, quality of human resources in businesses was not high etc.

In respect of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), Ninh Binh stood the 21st in 2011 compared to the nation (dropped 10 levels from the previous year) and the 4th compared to the Red River delta provinces (dropped 1 level from the previous year). Attraction of investment to the province tended to slow down and reduce.

The conference also devoted much time to comrades in the Provincial Standing Committee and Department Directors to consult and go deep into shortcomings, fields needed to attract investment and solutions to promote the investment attraction in the province in the near future.

Concluded the conference, Mr. Bui Van Nam, the Central Party Commissioner and the Provincial Party Committee Secretary noted the provincial People’s Committee prepared the report quite carefully, objectively evaluating the results of investment attraction to the province in recent years. The report also clarified limitations and shortcomings in the investment attraction. In the future, it should be paid attention to the projects which were effective, developed stably and environmentally friendly. Clearly defining the areas, preferential and major projects in every field to invite, introduce to domestic and foreign businesses to invest. Finding various forms of investment, mobilizing resources, promoting the synthetic strength of the different types of domestic and foreign businesses. Improving quality of investment verification and post-test after the investment.

The industries and the locality fearlessly studied and proposed the mechanism and policies to the province. Adding and publicizing the long-term planning. Offering measures to improve the investment environment, administrative reform. Enhancing the role of organizations, centers for consultancy, trade promotion, investment associated with personnel task. Organizing conferences for businesses and investors in the future.

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