Ninh Binh Industry and Trade with solutions on promoting the production, business and export

Posted On 19/12/2013

The commodity price markets in the world, the country and in our province recent years happen rather eventful with the price increase of series of goods, affecting the life, activities of the people.

Nhà máy xi măng The Vissai. Ảnh: Thế Minh

Vissai Cement Plant. Photo: The Minh

With the functions on State management in the field of industry and commerce, the Industry and trade offers solutions to contribute to the restraint of inflation, macro-economic stability, and assurance of social security.

In exchange with us, Mrs. Pham Thi Hong, Director Department of Industry and Trade said that in the implementation of the Government’, Ministry of Industry’ and Trade and Provincial People’s Committee’s directions in terms of development and performance of solutions on restraint of inflation, macro-economic stability, and assurance of social security, the Industry and Trade develops some measures to focus on removal of difficulties, promotion of production and business, boost of export activities contributing to the completion and excessive completion of criteria with regarding to the growth of industrial production value, export turnover proposed by the Province. Those are firstly to focus on construction and completion of projects, plans on industrial development, power plans, plans of trade villages for tourism; building the local industrial-encouragement plans, concentrating on supporting businesses to invest in workshops, modern machines and equipment, facilities using many labors, developing the traditional careers with total expenses of about VND 1 billion and actively taking advantages of the central industrial-encouragement funds with vocational training funds to speed up the development of industrial products, handicraft. Using the finance of about VND 2 billion to support businesses to actively enter in the domestic and overseas trade fairs to search and expand the markets and promote the export activities.

Seriously implementing Directive no. 04/CT-BCT dated 28-1-2011 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Provincial People’s Committee concerning the power supply and operation of power system in the dry season of 2011, monthly organizing the approval of power supply plans of Ninh Binh electricity; cooperating with the related units to monitor, inspect the implementation of power supply plans of Ninh Binh electricity to stabilize the production and business and serve the living of the people. Holding the serious implementation of Directive of the Prime Minister and of the Provincial People’s Committee on power saving, Law on economic and effective use of energy in conditions of power shortage in dry season of 2011, the unit tries to save electricity by 10%.

Instructing, inspecting businesses and retailers of power to strictly conduct the retail power tariffs in 2011. Constructing and completing the commercial development plans including market network plan, petroleum plan, commercial system plan for tourism. Researching and proposing regimes and policies on changing in market management models, rules on responsibility and cooperation of activities among the State administrative authorities in the area in respect of prevention and protection of smuggling, counterfeit and commercial fraud to stabilize the commodity price market, meeting the increasingly consumption demands of the people. Closely monitoring the change of market prices, especially the essential goods, promptly proposing solutions on market stability. Increasing the missions on market forecast and notification to the consumers.

Strengthening the missions on inspection and observation of the markets at the beginning of the year, concentrating to the control against smuggling, production and business of counterfeit, forbidden goods, speculation, hoarding, excessive increase of prices, price listing and sales at listed prices, violations to prices and goods labeling and other commercial frauds, illegal business; handling violations according to the legal regulations . Coordinating closely with the State Bank of the Province and competent agencies to check and control the business of gold, closely supervising the compliance with regulations and exchange of foreign currencies, gold trading; promptly detecting and settling the violations of exchanges and trade of foreign currencies, gold in the province.

Continuely implementing the adminsitrative reform of the sector, actively checking the irrational administrative procedures to recommend to repeal or amend, supplement under the simplification of administrative procedures and further saving 10% of regular expenditures of the remaining 9 months in the estimates of 2011. Strengthening the inspection and control of units’ activities, businesses, focusing on the management of energy, utilization of industrial explosives to boost the export, contributing to maintain the economic growth and assurance of social security


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