17:00 on 6 August: Vissai Ninh Binh vs. Song Lam Nghe An

Posted On 19/12/2013

SLNA (left) will have difficulties with V.NB on top form


V.NB are performing a good for with 2 consecutive wins and only needs 3 more points to officially stay up with the game. SLNA has the advantages in the race to the championship but still can lose all after one defeat. In all head-to-head matches between V.NB and SLNA, there is only one goal scored that makes this match more thrilling and fiercely.

Revenge for the first leg

With two consecutive wins in away field, V.NB is on the flourish stage of the season, with the smooth operations of all players, especially the rising form of Gustavo – the most effective striker in the last 3 months with 5 goals. The team of Coach Nguyen Van Sy is more dangerous when they are free from the pressure of relegation. In fact, in the context that the underdog teams are fighting each others, the distance from 6 to 7 points in comparison with the underdog group is relatively safe. For better certainty, the home team need one more win to be safe.

Besides the task of finding a win to officially stay up with the game, the team from Hoa Lu ancient capital wants to revenge for the loss in the last minutes of the fight in Vinh field in the first leg, with the goal by midfielder Helio. Moreover, in the past, with the challenging announcement in the fight to win Kal Uche, Dac Khanh is the motive power for them to move up with the effort to destroy the SLNA’s ambition to win the championship.

Of course, if SLNA is the champion, V.NB still has the reason to be proud as they defeat the upcoming champion. Therefore, Coach Van Sy and his team has too many reasons to set the target to win this match.

Pressure on SLNA

There is no certainty for SLNA although they have 6 points higher than HN.T&T, yet their opponent still has one match to go. They even get more pressure. If the defending champion wins the match with K.KH, the distance will be shorten to 3 points and in the most favorable conditions when both teams win the decisive match in Vinh field, SLNA still faces the threat to lose the cup due to lower head-to-head record (in the first leg, the two team draw nil-nil at Hang Day field.

The pressure is put higher on SLNA as right after this round, they will played the semi-final match with HAGL for the National Cup. A great season may be ruined within a few days and this nightmare may come right on their home field. Therefore, Coach Nguyen Huu Thang and his team must play all their best to win the match. SLNA must win all the remaining matches to finish in victory that they have been pursuing during the last decade.

V.NB and SLNA are in good form and both set targets to win this match. There is no difference in the force of both team. For the team from ancient capital Hoa Lu, midfielder Adewale is absent due to suspension but they have the advantage to play at their home field while SLNA has their best players. It is the decisive and rival characteristics together with tense tradition between the teams that make the match more attractive.

Expected formation

Source: bongdaplus.vn

V.NB – SLNA: Too many reasons to fight

(TT&VH) – When the referee whistled to end the match with HP.HN in round 20, many players from ancient capital Hoa Lu collapsed in vain. V.NB lost 6 points and at that time, the ability for Coach Nguyen Van Sy and his team to stay with the game is still a big question mark in comparison with their unstable form since the beginning of the season.

Maybe no one except for Coach Nguyen Van Sy and his team can believe that it is from that loss that V.NB can come back strongly in the last 3 rounds starting with the draw 1-1 wit HN.T&T, then the win 3-2 in Lach Tray field and lately the win in away game with similar score to HN.ACB.

All the three mentioned team are thirsty for points, the two of which are direct rivals of the team from ancient capital Hoa Lu in the race to stay with the game. Surprisingly, V.NB has overcome it spectacularly. They haven’t had such amazing achievement from the beginning of the season.

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