Vissai Ninh Binh vs. Xi Mang Xuan Thanh Saigon 3-3

Posted On 20/12/2013

V.Ninh Binh leveled things up at the 90+3 making the football match like an action film.

As usual, every time Boss Thuy’s team visits Ninh Binh, all the fans could enjoy a football party with the attendance of coaches from ancient capital.

V.Ninh Binh took the lead after 30 minutes with a header from close range of Timothy after a header back fromTien Thanh. In this goal, goalkeeper Tan Truong of the away team still seemed to be stunned after the previous collision.


Gia Tu (right) scored at the 90+ 2 (Image:VSI)

After the goal, Truong Tan had to make a way for Minh Nhut to be taken in an ambulance to go straight to the hospital. According to the initial identifications, the soccer of the Dong Thap receives a substantial impact in the ear, leading to hearing loss.

Back to the game. After the goal, the Xi Mang Xuan Thanh Saigon was up and just 4 minutes later, they had an 1-1 equalizer with great effort from Kizito. Midfielder No. 26 of Saigon team had an exact shot in the penalty area after a low cross from the right hand of Nsi.

One minute before the end of the 1st half, the home side had a chance to increase the lead to 2 goals to 1 but what a pity Timothy kicked the ball over the bar.

In the second half, V.Ninh Binh started better and continued to threaten goal keeper Minh Nhat. However, Timothy was showing his gracelessness even when facing with the visitor’ goal keeper at the 53th minutes. What a bad shot that made the Nigerian striker substituted later.


Xi Mang XTSG lost out at the last minutes (Photo: VSI)

After wasting the chance, V.Ninh Binh had to pay at the 73th minute. From a corner on the right, Tai Em caught the ball, and headed to pass it to Nsi to finish with a quick header to take the lead 2 goals over 1 for the away team, increase the connected with the NSI ends neatly, putting the visitors up 2-1.

After the goal, from the baseline, V.Ninh Binh had a middle attack. The substitute striker Tuan Anh had a smart pass to the ancient capital’s captain Mai Tien Thanh who later finished at the tight corner to equalize 2 goals to 2. In this goal, it is partly goal keeper Minh Nhut’s fault as he was too slow to prevent from a loss.

At the 81th minute, Xi Mang XT Saigon once again took the lead thanks to Nsi’s goal.   Worth mentioning in this situation was that the home side’s defense with three players to handle the away team was still tricked by Nsi before he had a subtle shot to beat goalkeeper Quang Huy.


Boss Thuy (right) watched the home team match (Photo: VSI)

The ideal match seemed to end with the score 3-2 in favor of the young Boss Nguyen Xuan Thuy when in the 3rd minute of injury time, the V. Ninh Binh suddenly equalized. Derived from jumping effort to put a header in the penalty area of defender Gia Tu, Moussa after a silent match had a nice trailing leg to put the ball into the far corner of Xi Mang XT Saigon and secure 1 point for the home side.

This score satisfied both teams and Ninh Binh’s fans.

Ha Thanh


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