Discovery of a new Bich Dong

Posted On 18/12/2013

Ninh Binh tour – Ninh Binh is always considered as the land of tourism, place is favored by the nature that arranges such a lot of wonderful landscapes enchanting the people hearts as Tam Coc, Trang An, Van Trinh cave, etc. and most recently ecotourism area the Buddha cave is discorvered and presently appraised as one of the most beautiful water caves.

Located in the center of Tuong mountain, away from Ninh Binh city  18km, in special-use forest Hoa Lu, Dong Tam hamlet, Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province, Buddha Cave is currently approximately 500m long, the cave center is very wide with many strange shape stalactites. In the middle of cave, a stalactite with 1.5 m high, 2m wide and shape like a Buddha appears in an illusory and sparkling space. Come to Buddha cave, the visitors will be experienced on oared boats, enjoying the wild and mysterious natural landscapes of forest, river and water, listening to the whistling wind that certainly bringing many enjoyable surprises to the visitors.

bên trong hang đông

In the cave center, there are a lot of strange-looking eddy arcs stimulating the visitors’ imagination.

Immediately landing to the cave mouth, visitors will have the feeling of being lost in a certain mysterious world with sparkling and colorful hang-down stalactites with many illusory and strange-looking shapes stimulating the curiosity and passion of exploration.

Penetrating deep inside, the space opens wider, more mysterious as inviting the visitors to use their imagination to experience the beauty offered by the Creator. And when the boats anchor beside the Buddha-shaped stalactite, please pause for taking some photos.

The visitors are not only explored and tour the mysterious beauties of the nature but also mix with the life of the rural area, moving on bikes passing the village roads being in the shade of bamboo, searching the culture and custom of farmers in the wet rice area, may even try to be herdsman to herd, fish, grind and pound rice or enjoy popular dishes made by yourselves such as grilled anabas, scab sour used with pickled egg-plants, etc.

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