Organization of the 20th anniversary of provincial re-establishment and 5 years of establishment of Ninh Binh city

Posted On 19/12/2013

Morning 30th March, in the Province Convention Center, the Provincial Committee of the Party, the People’s Council, the Provincial People’s Committee held a solemn 20th anniversary of provincial re-establishment and 5 years of establishment of Ninh Binh city. Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung, the Politburo member and Prime Minister attended.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung awarded the first-class Independence Order, second time to Ninh Binh province.

Attended the anniversary, Mr. Le Kha Phieu, former General Secretary; former President of Vietnam Tran Duc Luong; former National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Van An; former General Secretary Do Muoi, President Truong Tan Sang, former President of Vietnam Nguyen Minh Triet, former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai, Mr. Le Hong Anh, the Politburo member and Standing Secretariat; Mrs. Tong Thi Phong, the Politburo member and Vice Chairman of the National Assembly; Mr. To Huy Rua, the Politburo member and Head of the Central Organization Committee; Mr. Ngo Van Du, the Politburo member and Chairman of the Central Inspection Committee; Mr. Dinh The Huynh, the Politburo member and hHead of the Central Propaganda Department; Mr. Pham Quang Nghi, the Politburo member and Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee; Mrs Ha Thi Khiet, the Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Head of the Central Mass Mobilization; Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, the Central Party Commissioner, Deputy Prime Minister sent congratulatory flower basket. The leaders of Ministries, departments and sectors and unions at the Central; leaders of friend provinces; commanders and businessmen who are Ninh Binh juniors attended.

Within the provincial leadership, Mr. Bui Van Nam, Central Party Commissioner and Provincial Party Committee Secretary; Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council; Mr. Bui Van Thang, Deputy Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee; Standing Provincial Committee members, Standing Provincial Committee of the Party and Standing People’s Council; leaders of the provincial People’s Committee, leaders of the provincial National Assembly Delegation, leaders of Department, sectors, unions and social organizations, leaders of districts, cities and townships over times, revolution veterans, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, Armed Force Heroes, Labor Heroes, typical businessmen in the province; representatives of religious dignitaries; representatives of communes and wards of Ninh Binh city attended the anniversary.

The delegates presented the anniversary. Photo: The Minh

 Mr. Bui Van Nam, the Central Party Commissioner and Provincial Party Committee Secretary spoke at the 20th anniversary of provincial re-establishment and 5 years of establishment of Ninh Binh city. The speech stated that after 16 years of merging with Nam Ha province into Ha Nam Ninh province, on 1/4/1992, Ninh Binh province officially faced with a lot of difficulties. The economy was underdeveloped, the system of socio-economic infrastructure was backward. Per capita income and the State budget revenue in the province was still low. During the 20 recent years, inheriting and promoting the historic tradition and glorious revolution of the country, implementing the renovation guideline of the Party, with the spirit of solidarity and creativeness, the Party Committee and Ninh Binh people gained many achievements in all aspects such as the Economy remained the remarkable growth, movement structure was positive towards the increase of industrial and service density. Industrial production developed which became the motivation for the socio-economic development. Service sector achieved the great development. In particular, the tourism gradually became the core economy. Agricultural production, especially food production achieved many accomplishments, ensuring food security, enhancing the people’s lives and contributing to maintain the social stability. The budget revenues rapidly increased, income structure had a positive movement towards sustainability.

From an agricultural province, Ninh Binh so far formed an economy developing towards the industrialization and modernization. By 2011, the industrial and construction density reached 49%, tourism and services reached 36%, agriculture, forestry and fishery reached 15%. The economic structure had shifted towards the formation of motivated regions for economic development combined specialized areas of agricultural production and industrial parks, industrial complexes, and tourism and service areas.

Ninh Binh issued many appropriate mechanisms and policies focusing efforts on building the socio-economic infrastructure, creating a healthy and favorable business and investment environment for the development of economic sectors, attracting many investment projects at home and abroad. The value of industrial production in 2011 was 42 times against in 1992. Export turnover in 2011 was 100 times against in 1992, the list of exported goods increasingly was expanded. The tourism had a strong change, reaching the noticeable growth in the period 2006 – 2011, orienting to become a key economy of the province. The tourism infrastructure was enhanced, creating the breakthrough development. The number of tourists in the following year was higher than those in the previously years; in 2011, reaching 3.6 million visitors. Agricultural, forestry and fishery production stably developed, in the direction of commodity production, associating production with processing and the market, contributing to create jobs and increase incomes for labors. In 2011, the value of agricultural production on 1ha of cultivation reached VND 86 million. Budget revenues in 2011 reached VND 3,392 billion, 84 times higher than in 1992. Socio-economic infrastructure, especially transport and irrigation infrastructure investment was invested and developed relatively synchronous meeting the requirements of socio-economic development ensuring the safety for inhabitants in the flood and storm season satisfying the requirements of socio- economic development in the short term and long term.

 Singing and dancing in the 20th anniversary of the provincial re-establishment.  Photo: The Minh

 Along with the economic development, the fields of culture, health, education, cultural and sport activities, communication and other social fields were gradually taken interest and developed. The education and training achieved new and comprehensive breakthroughs. Facilities for the people’s health care were expanded and strengthened. Culture, arts and sports noticeably developed and had many achievements. The conservation and promotion of cultural values ​were emphasized. The poverty alleviation was interested in direction, participated by all levels of the people in various and creative forms. Those results changed the lives of many households, especially those in difficult areas. In 2011, the rate of poor households reduced at 9.86%. Per capita income in 2011 reached nearly VND 25 million, an increase of 20 times higher than in 1992.

The local defense was reinforced, the political security and social order and safety were maintained, the foreign activities were developed. The political system was constantly and powerfully strengthened in all aspects. Leadership methods of the Party Committees from the province to grassroots levels were innovated; the effect and efficiency of the governmental management at all levels were improved.

The mobilization “Study and follow the morality mirror of Ho Chi Minh” achieved many successes, pervading within the officials, Party members and all levels of the people, arousing the patriotic emulation movement in the whole community. The gathering and mobilization of the communities by the Fatherland Front and unions became more effective; the solidarity and cohesion between the religious people and non-religious people was increasingly enhanced contributing to the stability and development of the province.

On the general development of the province, in 2007, Ninh Binh city was established. The Party Committee and the People of Ninh Binh city bettered to achieve a lot of important successes. The economy developed stably and rapidly. Density of industry, handicraft and services significantly increased. Density of agriculture gradually reduced appropriate with urbanization process. Those achievements had been the solid foundation for the development of the city, fitting with the central position of politics, culture, and socio-economy of the province.

The speed stressed that 20 years of re-establishment of the province was a milestone marking the durable strive and the will overcoming all challenges and difficulties, marking the innovation achievements of the Party Committee and the people of Ninh Binh.

On behalf of the Provincial Committee of the Party, the People’s Council, People’s Committee, the Provincial Fatherland Front committee, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary called all levels, sectors, the entire officials, Party members and the people all classes in the province to continue to promote the historic and revolution tradition of the native land, speeding up the patriotic emulation movement, striving to successfully implement Resolution of the 20th Ninh Binh provincial Party Congress and Resolution of the 21st National Party Congress of the Party, building the Native land more and more civilized and prosperous.

Spole at the anniversay, the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung noted, looking back the trip of 20 years of development, we were very excited and proud before the great achievements in all aspects reached by the Party Committee, the Army and the people of Ninh  Binh.

Over 20 years of construction and development, the Party Committee, the Army and the people of Ninh  Binh province had many efforts, dynamically creatively promoting the potentiality and advantages of the province, arousing resources and achieving many comprehensive and significant accomplishments.

Especially in the five recent years, Ninh Binh reached the rather remarkably average growth at 16.5% per year. Economic scope and potentiality grew increasingly stronger, GDP in 2010 was twice higher than in 2005. The economic structure positively changed. System of socio-economic and urban infrastructure was obviously improved. Fields of culture and society had many positive progresses, the people’s lives continued to be improved. The year 2011 had a lot of difficulties however Ninh Binh still reached the great growth over 16%, more than 2.5 times the growth of the country.

Accomplishments reached by the party Committee, the Army and the people of Ninh  Binh in the last 20 years considerably changed the appearance of the Ancient capital, creating premise           for Ninh Binh province continuously to innovate and develop faster and more stable in the coming years.

The Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung warmly praised the efforts and struggles, great results gained and the important contributions of the Party Committee, the Army and the people of Ninh Binh to the common achievements of the country during the last 20 years.

The Prime Minister emphasized, in the new period of development, in the context of interlaced and remarkable difficulties and challenges, Ninh Binh should promote the dynamic and creative spirit, promoting the potentiality, advantages of locality, mobilizing and effectively using resources within and outside the province to create breakthroughs for the rapid, comprehensive and sustainable development of the economy; continuing to promote the economic restructuring towards modernization and more effective on the basis of strong application of scientific and technological advances to the manufacture, creating products with high added values; taking the initiative inn the international integration, searching the markets to expand exports; developing the tourism of landscape, culture, history, etc. At the same time, Ninh Binh should coordinate and closely connect with other provinces and cities in the Red River Delta, North-Central provinces in the synchronous construction of infrastructural system in order to promote at the highest the potentiality and advantages of each province, city and the whole region. Striving in the 5 coming years to successfully implement the objective on building Ninh Binh to become a satisfactorily developed province in the Red River Delta region.

Together with the economic development, Ninh Binh should pay much importance to the development of culture and society, protection of landscape and environment. Constantly promoting the sovereignty and improving the physical and spiritual lives of the people. Focusing on the development of education and training, concentrating on vocational training to develop human resources; caring in training teams of officials for the potilical system at all levels, especially at the grassroots level. Effectively developing the work on health care including investing and enhancing capacity of examination and treatment facilities, improving quality of the people’s health care. Successfully implementing the poverty alleviation, ensuring the social security and welfare, particularly caring the people with meritorious services to the revolution, family policies, families with difficulties. Appreciating and successfully implementing the mission on defence and security reinforcement, firstly enhancing the political and ideological education, protection on internal politics, building a national defence within the whole population associated with the powerful people’s security; promptly and legally resolving the people’s claims; strengthening to prevent and push back the criminals, social evils, protecting the peaceful life of the people.

The Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung stated Ninh Binh should focus on effectively implementing the construction of the Party Committee and politic system powerfully and virtuously in accordance with the spirit of Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress and Resolution of the 4th Congress of the Central Executive Committee concerning “Some currently urgent matters on construction of the Party”, continuously promoting the administrative and judicial reform to build a effective and efficient governmental apparatus satisfying the requirements of tasks which increasingly became high by the industrialization, modernization and the international integration.

In the anniversary, on behalf of the Party’s and Government’s leaders, the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung conferred the first-class Independence Order for the second time to the Party Committee, the government and the people in Ninh Binh province.

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