Opening the Traditional Festival of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Posted On 19/12/2013

On 29th March (or 8th March Lunar calendar), in the historic relic area of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, the Hoa Lu People’s Committee organized the opening of the traditional Festival of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital in 2012

Presented the opening ceremony by Mr. Bui Van Nam, the Central Party Commissioner and the Provincial Party Committee Secretary; Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council; Mr. Bui Van Thang, the Deputy Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh, the Alternate member of the Party Central Committee and Standing member, Head of the National Assembly Delegation in the Province, The District Party Committee Secretary; Former Provincial leaders over times; the Standing Committee members; Standing People’s Council; the Provincial People’s Committee leaders; the National Assembly Delegation in the province; leaders of Departments, sectors and unions of the province, districts, cities and communes and many people and visitors within and outside the province.

 Reed wood in the manoeuvre


Festival scene.

Mr. Vu Van Huan, the Deputy District Party Committee Secret and Chairman of Hoa Lu district People’s Committee had the speed at the opening ceremony of the Traditional festival of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, the 1044 year anniversary Dinh Bo Linh enthroned. The organization of the traditional festival was to look back the magnanimous history and tradition of national construction and defence of forefathers thousands of years ago; was concurrently an opportunity for the today’s generations to pay their respects and deep gratitude towards the great contributions of the late emperors, to encourage the people all levels to continue to preserve and promote the cultural traditions of the native country. Next, Mr. Nguyen Sy Tri, the Hoa Lu District Party Committee Secretary drummed to open the festival. Ninh Binh opera house performed the Hoa Lu festival drum dance.

Water procession ceremony.

In the Festival opening, such etiquettes of traditional sacrifices as water procession ceremony from Hoang Long river to temples of Kings; palanquin procession ceremony, and a lot of folk games such as camping competition, five fruit tray for  King, volleyball competition, wrestling to compete the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital traditional prize, etc. The Festival ended on 31st March (or 10th March Lunar Calendar.

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