Qualifying round of V-League 2012: V-League representatives to prove advantage

Posted On 20/11/2013

Yesterday afternoon was 90 exhausting minutes of the football teams in V-Leage. V.NB and K.KH must take a penalty shoot-out in turn before 2 representatives in the first rank of XMF. Tay Ninh and Dong Nai decided who wins the match and continue in the next round. The great sudden was that the football-players of B.BD fell down on the home against Lam Dong Team, a newcomer ò the First rank.

Two representatives of V-League (V.NB and K.KH), not proving their prominent rank, were lucky in the penalty shoot-out. Unfortunately, B.BD felt sorry in the home.

To be led in the 10th minute by a kick of Vu Phong, B.BD only maintained such advantage within 2 minutes. Their loose defensive position was absolutely deployed to bring a tie for Lam Dong. Moreover, in the 30th minute, the home’s fan continued to be shocked after B.BD scored the second goal. This time, form attacker of An Giang Team, Suleiman helped the away-team to lead 2-1 by header after corner kick of the playfellow.

In the second half, B.BD predominated but did not access to the goal. But in the 80th minute, the host team brought joys the fans by a goal from Philani’s buffer kick in the near distance.

With 2-2 score in 90 minutes, the match must end by a penalty shoot-out. But Fortune of B.BD failed to shoot a goal in the second kick while XSKT Lam Dong players shot all goals.

The teams of V-League in the qualifying round in yesterday afternoon were K. Kien Giang, V. Haiphong and SHB.DN who obtained their targets. K.Kiên Giang started V-League season imposingly with 4 goals vs Quang Nam. This was a message of Coach Lai Hong Van and the fans in Kien Giang in the next football season.

Two wins in a 3-1 score of SHB.DN and V.HP vs DT.LA and HCMC, respectively, are the forecast results when their competitors felt cold with this match. Similarly, SQC.BD, an away-team on An Giang stadium, easily won 2-0 score vs the home. These were the only matches between 2 football teams in the First Prize yesterday afternoon.

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