BBM for BlackBerry 10 beta brings real time voice notes and Glympse

Posted On 24/12/2013

The latest version of BBM for BlackBerry 10 is now undergoing a limited public beta,which means that you have to be selected by BlackBerry to download and install it on your BlackBerry 10 phone. BlackBerry has now made it extremely simple to send voice notes. Press a button, talk, release the button and the message is sent. These move so quickly, it is almost like having a push-to-talk feature on your phone.

Another new feature is called Glympse. It allows you to select how long another BBM member can have access to your current location. This is useful if you know that you’re going to be in a certain location for a limited period of time. Once the timer runs out, your location becomes private again.

On Friday, we told you about some current BBM features like BBM Voice, BBM Video and BBM Channels.Those will be coming to BBM for iOS and BBM for Android next year. BBM Voice allows you to make free calls anywhere in the world to iOS, BlackBerry and Android users with BBM.  In addition, BBM Channel lets you find people with the same interests as you and share your opinions and experiences. Finally, BBM Video is a video chat application that will allow you to make video calls to other BBM members.

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