Six teachers make network community “unstable” in past time

Posted On 23/12/2013

Influence of young teachers such as Khac Hieu, Anh Duy or Hong Anh … gets out of the walls of the schools and admired by students in Vietnam.

Psychological teacher Nguyen Hoang Khac Hieu

Mr. Khac Hieu is famous for “problem-solving” clips shared on the forums by the young people. In these clips, he gave students instructions for fighting against robbers, escaping from danger by sexual harassments and responding to black clips …

A strength of the clips supplied by him and student team is highly educational but not dry. Each clip obtains hundreds of thousand visitors on Youtube. And among the teachers named in this list, Mr. Hieu has the largest number of fan page members on Facebook (129,000 people).

Nguyen Hoang Khac Hieu is a lecturer of the Educational Psychology Faculty, Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy. He is a postgraduate of psychology doctorial course in Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. Besides, he is a psychologic consultant on telephone exchange.

During studying and working, MA. Khac Hieu was awarded “Young psychologic talent” of Vietnam Education Psychological Science Society in 2006 and prized “Scientific research” of the Ministry of Education and Training in 2006.

“Beauty queen” Phan Hong Anh

Phan Hong Anh is well known after an extra-curricular event of Ams School in August. In this event, Hong Anh plays a role as a member of the jury.

At that time, this young teacher was rather new to most of the students. Young people admire her and bravely ask for taking photos with Hong Anh and upload on the Internet. For nearly a day, after network community knew Hong Anh, her “secret file” was disclosed.

Hong Anh was a second winner in Hanoi Elegant Beauty contest – Imiss Thang Long 2010. She came first of Math Faculty in the university entrance examination and graduated excellent grade.

“Hot boy” Lai Minh Tien

With handsome face as actors, Math teacher Lai Minh Tien makes many schoolgirls “love”. He is known by the network community through a social web page of Luong The Vinh High School. His photo together with his students is uploaded on this page with “wing” praises.

Mr. Minh has a nickname Minh “cute” by his young face. But, his achievements are not “young”. He is a MA. And studying Doctorial Course.

During working, Mr. Minh has guided students to take the 20th National Olympic Math test. He shares that he will continue to guide young Math teams in future if he has opportunities.

Teacher – M.C Hoang Anh Duy

Like Mr. Minh, a young lecturer Hoang Anh Duy is also a MC. At present, he is a MC of “Ring the Golden Bell” show, a favorite game show of the students.

After becoming a lecturer of Hanoi Foreign Trade University, Anh Duy won “Golden Swallow” prize of “Television MC 2009” contest. He had many opportunities to develop MC Field, but he did not give up his job as a teacher. He has cleverly combined teaching and MC work.

Mrs. Dung – History teacher of Phan Dinh Phung High School (Hanoi)

Her fan page is not imposing in quantity but like a common house of students in Phan Dinh Phung School. Her students call her “idol” and feel pleased with her humorous teaching method.

Mrs. Dung often has “immortal words” and inserts life lessons in the history class to help students understand easier. She is not strict but often raises thorny questions. The most impressive thing is that no student hesitates to study History with Mrs. Dung, a theoretical and unattractive subject.

Although she is loved by her students, she does not understand why she is “well-known for no reason at all”.

“Best Physics teacher” – Duong Van Can

In spite of being not young like the above teachers, the unique personality of Mr. Can helps him have a large number of the fans. He created poems to insert into dry Physics lessons and his students are interested in it. He thinks and desires that his students are the happiest and apply Physics into the life but is not stuff his students’ head and write on exam papers and forget after examinations”.

Thus, his lessons in the preparatory center for university entrance examination is paid attention to and noted carefully by the students. Later, his students set a fan page for Mr. Can and uploaded good Physics poems created by Mr. Can. Even, his students offered him a cup printed “Best Physics teacher”.

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