American overseas students welcome Halloween Festival in Vietnam

Posted On 23/12/2013

TPO – A group of American overseas students in Vietnam attended a funny and cozy Halloween Party together with their friends at the dormitory for international students – A2 Ta Quang Buu, Hanoi.

In spite of no conditions to organize the Party like in America, the overseas students spent an interesting Halloween night together with Vietnamese friends.

15 American overseas students are studying in semester 2 of the third year. These students may select other Asian countries. 15 students of Hobart William Smith and Union College (headquartered in New York), through introduction of the professor and other students, love Vietnam and choose Vietnam to study.

They are students of Socialism, Politics, Mathematics – Agriculture, Public Policy and Information Technology …

On the evening of 31 October, together with young people in Vietnam and all over the world, this student group organized an American Halloween night.

Vietnamese children were happy to welcome Halloween Festival together with the overseas students.

To prepare the festival night, they bought apples and pumpkins. Apples were used to play bobbing for apples (putting apples in the water tub or basin) and pumpkins were used to carve pumpkin (carve smile face and cruel ghost … subject to intentions of the carver)

“Bobbing for apples” game is to use mouth to put apples in the water tub or basis faster.

First, all people gathered and invited children to play games. The children also made up and worn costumes of characters they wanted. A member said that on the Halloween day, in America, the children would go “Trick or Treat ’’ – ask for candies of the neighbor houses.

And here the children traveled from room to room of American students. The American students prepared candies and agars … and waited for the children in their rooms. Upon the children knocked at the doors, the room owner opened the door, the children asked for treats with the question ‘Trick or Treat’ and the room owner delivered candies to the children. Then, they traveled another room and do similarly.

Try on “Witch”

Horrible make-up

The second game was ‘Bobbing for apples’ – use mouth to put apples in the water tub or basis faster. This game challenged your skill.

The third game was ‘Carving pumpkins’. This game is rather traditional in America. They often carve pumpkins before several days of Halloween Festival. Here the students had four pumpkins and divided into four groups to carve pumpkins. Upon completion, they placed candles inside the carved pumpkins to see faces of the pumpkins.

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