The Lieutenant-General Tran Dai Quang, Deputy Minister of Public Security contacted voters of Gia Vien district (Ninh Binh)

Posted On 19/12/2013

Prior to the election of the 13th National Assembly on 10th May, the Lieutenant-General Tran Dai Quang, Politburo Member, Standing Member of the Police Central Party Committee, Deputy Minister of Public Security and candidates to the National Assembly (NA) contacted voters of Gia Vien district (Ninh Binh).

At the contact, Comrade Lieutenant-General and NA candidates introduced their plan of action. The Lieutenant-General Tran Dai Quang expressed his emotion when he was recommended by the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee to be candidate of the 13th National Assembly member in Ninh Binh in which he was born and grew; he was pleased to have chance to further attach and dedicate the beloved native land where had a historical depth of founding and defending the country with the tradition of unyielding revolution.

The speeches of voters at the meeting stated all candidates of the 13th National Assembly at the election no. 1 of Ninh Binh province are qualified and in good conditions to effectively perform their missions as the People’s members.  Voters expressed their consensus and support towards candidates’ specific and practical action program; desiring the elected members regularly in very close touch with and understanding of proper thoughts and aspirations of voters, matters interested by voters in order to handle and reflect to have appropriate and effective resolutions by the competent authorities and units. Voters alse offered their opinions to additionally enforce missions on prevention and protection of corruption and wastefulness; paying attention to employment settlement and vocational training for labors, especially in the area of land recovery to build industrial parks; gradually improving the infrastructure construction in rural area; investing to develop the agriculture, enhancing the productivity and quality of crops and livestock to improve farmers’ living standards; enforcing equipment for health facilities, improving the quality of health examination and treatment, elimination of social evils in the countryside, etc.

The Lieutenant-General Tran Dai Quang with voters

On behalf of NA candidates, the Lieutenant-General Tran Dai Quang honestly expressed his gratitude voters’ confidential and highly responsible opinions. He also stated, with the desire to contribute his diminutive role to the construction and development of the fatherland, the country, the NA elected members will uphold the spirit of responsibility, spending more time to visit the grassroots level, contacting voters, capturing the situations in all aspects of the locality, especially situations on the order and security, together with the NA delegation of Ninh Binh, reflecting adequately and timely to the National Assembly on achievements, difficulties and problems to promote the development in all aspects of the locality, settling the prominent social problems as well as jobs, poverty alleviation, prevention and protection of corruption and waste, effectively serving the socio-economic development.


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