SLNA is closer to championship, V.Ninh Binh joins top 5, H.N ACB relegates

Posted On 19/12/2013

With the loss to SLNA, HN.ACB is the first team to play at Football League First Division next season. Meanwhile, with 3 points in My Dinh field in round 25, Nghe team will officially be the champion of V.League after 10 years provided that they doesn’t lose against HN T&T in the last round.


Schedule and results of V-League 2011 – Round 25
Date Time Field Team Team


16:00 Long An DT Long An 2-3 Hoa Phat HN
16:00 Nha Trang K. Khanh Hoa 4-2 LS Thanh Hoa
16:00 Ninh Binh XM Ninh Binh 2-0 CS Dong Thap
16:00 Go Dau B. Binh Duong 1-1 SHB Danang
16:00 Thong Nhat N.Saigon 2-1 HA Gia Lai
16:00 Hang Day Hanoi T&T 1-0 V. Haiphong
16:00 My Dinh HN ACB 2-3 SL Nghe An
16:00 Go Dau B. Binh Duong 1-1 SHB Danang
16:00 Thong Nhat N.Saigon 2-1 HA Gia Lai
16:00 Hang Day Hanoi T&T 1-0 V. Haiphong

Long An Stadium: Long An Team vs Hoa Phat Hanoi: 2-3

The heavy rain on Long An Stadium on the afternoon of 14 August significantly affected ways of playing and techniques of the football players.

Up to the 30th minute of the match, Long An Team concretized advantages of the home with a goal. From a penalty kick by Kassim from the goal area, Vietnamese goalkeeper failed to catch a ball.

HN.ACB (blue team) returned the first rank after playing in a V-League season. Photo. Duc Anh

However, the players of Coach Nguyen Thanh Vinh promptly brought the match to the starting point. In the 33rd minute, Cassiano scored a goal for HP.HN after his accurate header.

After then 5 minutes, HP.HN took a lead. Timothy scored a goal for HP.HN in the penalty spot.

Before the first half ends, Antonio scored a goal at a given moment.

In the 63rd minute, HP. HN lead by a goal scored by Duc Thang.

Nha Trang Stadium: K. Khanh Hoa vs LS Thanh Hoa: 4-2

In the 5th minute of the match, a goal was scored for the home. Petronil was the football player helping K.Khanh Hoa lead by an accurate goal.

In the 28th minute, difference was doubled for the home by a goal scored by Ngoc Dieu.

In the 37th minute, LS Thanh Hoa had a loss of human resource after Wole must receive the second yellow card and lose playing right.

Right after, excessive advantage of K.KH helped Dinh Viet score the third goal.

In the 74th minute, Trindade continued to widen a gap of Haiphong Football Team.

Efforts of Thanh Hoa Football Team were repaid by a goal of Dinh Tung and the match’s score was 1-4.

1 minute later, Emmanuel scored the second goal for LS Thanh Hoa. This was the final goal of the match.

With this result, Coach Hoang Anh Tuan and his players officially remained the rank regardless of results of the final round.

Ninh Binh Stadium: V. Ninh Binh vs TDCS Dong Thap: 2-0

In the 29th minute, Mai Tien Thanh shot a goal from the goal area but the ball was deviated from the goal-post of goalkeeper Tan Truong.

In the 61st minute, in an exposed position, Dang Van Thanh shot a ball to the goal-post of goalkeeper Tan Truong.

Yet, fans of Hoa Lu ancient capital celebrated a victory 6 minutes later. From a shot of the playfellow, when Gustavo was running, a defender of TDCS Dong Thap was foul in the goal area.

Immediately, the referee allowed V. Ninh Binh to take a penalty shot in the penalty spot. Gustavo scored a goal (1-0) for the home.

In the 83rd minute, Dang Van Thanh punished a mistake of the away-team’s defender by a goal in the goal area and the score was 2-0 for V.Ninh Binh.

Go Dau Stadium: B. Binh Duong vs SHB Danang: 1-1

B.Binh Duong players early brought into play advantage of the home by a score to lead in the 3rd minute of the match by Veloso.

In the 45+2 minute, Merlo tied 1-1 for SHB Danang.

The second half had no change and a draw (1-1) remained until the match ended.

Thong Nhat Stadium: Navibank Saigon vs HA Gia Lai: 2-1

In the 2nd minute of the match, national football player Quang Hai scored a goal to help the home-team to lead the away-team.

SLNA (yellow team) is holding control right for the champion of this season. Photo: Duc Anh

Before the fist half ended, Quang Hai completed the 2nd goal and help Navibank Saigon lead HA Gia Lai with a score of 2-0.

In the 89th minute of the match, HAGL had a honorable goal scored by Samura.

Hang Day Stadium: HN T&T vs V. Haiphong: 1-0

In the 14th of minute of the match, after catching a ball from Cong Vinh on the right side, Gonzalo shot a kick without success.

2 minutes later, Enicet skillfully controlled a ball on the left side before shooting a kick by his right foot but a goal was not scored.

In the 24th of minute of the match, after the kick on the left side, Hong Tien shot an unpleasant kick across the goal but no white player caught this chance.

After that, HN T&T’s fans felt anxious after offside trap by Aniekan. Fortunately, the home team was saved by Hong Son.

In the 43rd of minute of the match, Cong Vinh caught spectacular vole to aim at the high angle but Quang Anh excellently saved Haiphong Team.

In the 53rd of minute of the match, Cong Vinh released the ball for Cao Sy Cuong from the second line to shoot a kick. Regrettably for HN T&T, midfielder No.8 of the home team scored a goal.

In the 58th of minute of the match, Gonzalo was intelligent to pass the ball for Ngoc Duy and weeded out two fullbacks of V.Hai Phong. However, Ngoc Duy failed to score a goal before goalkeeper Quang Huy.

In the 69th of minute of the match, Gonzalo, after leading the ball to the left side, Cong Vinh was convenient to score a goal for HN T&T.

In the 81st of minute of the match, Aniekan passed the ball to the playfellow. Thiago, after breaking into the goal area of HN T&T, shot a kick to defeat goalkeeper Hong Son but defenser Quoc Long timely prevented the ball on the lime line.

My Dinh Stadium: Hanoi ACB vs SL Nghe An: 2-3

In the 6th minute of the match, from a goal kick to goalkeeper Minh Phong, Thanh Luong tackled offside trap to defeat goalkeeper Quoc Cuong and score a goal for HN.ACB. Yet, SLNA football players promptly tied. In the 17th minute of the match, from a ball passing of Trong Hoang on the right side, Van Binh headed the ball to the net of HN.ACB. The second half lasted 12 minutes, midfielder Nguyen Hoang Helio successfully take a penalty kick to help SLNA lead HN.ACB.

Trong Hoan scored the 3rd goal for the football team of Coach Nguyen Huu Thang after a breakthrough and scoring a goad in the goal area in the 76th minute.

In the 90+2 minute, Lucas shot a kick to shorten the score 2-3 for HN.ACB. However, this goal was not enough to open a chance for the football team of Coach  Mauricio Luis.

With this failure, HN.ACB was the first team playing in the First rank prize of the next football season.

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