A win on penalty kicks helped V.Ninh Binh grasp the National Cup championship

Posted On 20/12/2013

Being scored an equalizer by SHB Da Nang right at the last seconds of the match, V.Ninh Binh won on penalty kicks to grasp the National Cup – Eximbank 2013.

V.Ninh Binh players showed their determination on the championship when actively entering the match. Coach Nguyen Van Sy continuously went to the baseline to urge his students. Yet the away team encountered a lot of difficulties in the implement of its game play against an experienced football team like SHB Da Nang.

V. Ninh Bình là đội vượt lên dẫn trước
V. Ninh Binh took the lead

 In the first 15 minutes, the home team SHB Da Nang played better with a few clear chances. Firstly, it was a powerful long shot of Hoang Minh Tam after 10 minutes, forcing goalkeeper Nguyen Manh Dung to save the loss. Next, Merlo had a wonderful pass to Ha Minh Tuan to drive down and be face to face, yet he could not win goalkeeper Manh Dung and received yellow cards for the pretention to fall.

After persisting attacks, V.Ninh Binh finally scored the opening at the 18th minute. From Dinh Van Ta’s intelligent back heel pass, Phan Anh Tuan bombarded to shoot at the corner of the net and defeated goalkeeper Thanh Binh.

Realizing the weakness in the home team’s left corridor, Huynh Duc determined to replace Tan Dien by defender Duy Lam who would play on the right while Hoang Quang played on the left. The Han River game play gradually improved, yet no goal was scored

In the second half, SHB Da Nang continuously attacked and created dozens of chances. Meanwhile, Ninh Binh proactively had the team play deep from the back to protect such fragile gap.

After 52 minutes, Merlo faced goalkeeper Manh Dung and this striker had 2 consecutive shots which failed to become a goal. After 55 minutes, Quach Tan who replaced Quoc Anh had a good long shot but goalkeeper Manh Dung flied to save the score for Ninh Binh.

Gaston Merlo gỡ hòa cho SHB Đà Nẵng
Gaston Merlo gave SHB Da Nang an equalizer

 From the 72th minute, V.Ninh Binh only had 10 people on the field after the right defender Quang Hung received a red card and left the court. The reason was that such player had a dangerous collision with Hung Son in a situation that the home midfielder smartly got through the opponent players. However, Hung Son got on his nerve and retaliated his opponent, then both lied on the field. Referee Phung Dinh Dung gave Quang Hung a red card, which made Ninh Binh players have aggressive reactions.

In order to take full advantages of playing with more people, Huynh Duc withdrew midfielder Cao Cuong who was replaced by striker Phan Duc Le. SHB Da Nang then played a risky game with 3 midfielder. With more people on the court, the home team SHB Da Nang continuously put more pressure on the opponent and created a series of opportunities.

Most noticeably, after 82 minutes, a Ninh Binh player had a handball in the penalty area and the referee awarded the home team with a penalty. On the penalty spot, captain Nguyen Minh Phuong had such a loose shot that was easily resolved by goalkeeper Manh Dung.

There were 6 minutes of injury time in that match and right at the last seconds, Merlo scored an equalizer 1-1 after a shot which seemed to be quite pointless.

Niềm vui vô địch của các cầu thủ V. Ninh Bình - Ảnh: Gia Hưng
V.Ninh Binh enjoyed the championship – Photo: Gia Hung

Risen from the dead, SHB Da Nang entered the “penalty shootouts” with a determination to keep the Cup at Chi Lang. After the first 5 shots, both teams were successful. In the 6th shot, SHB Da Nang played first and the pressure was put on Minh Phuong but this experienced midfielder had such an easy shot for Manh Dung to save. After that, Chu Ngoc Anh had a decisive kick to give V.Ninh Binh a lead of 6 goals to 5 and grasp the championship title.

After the match, Coach Nguyen Van Sy only briefly expressed, “This is the choking game and we deserved to win. I am very happy and do not know what to say. ”

With the National Cup championship, V. Ninh Binh received 4 billion in bonuses. Besides 1 billion bonus from the organizer were the 3 billion bonus from Boss Truong. Thus, after Ha Noi T & T, V. Ninh Binh is Vietnam representatives of AFC Cup.


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