U19 Vietnam had an upstream win over U19 Thailand

Posted On 20/12/2013

Players from HAGL Arsenal JMG Academy shone to help U19 Vietnam win 3 goals to 2 over U19 Thailand, a team with many players from the Arsenal Academy in Thailand.

U19 Vietnam players (red shirt) had a good start at the U19 Southeast Asia Cup. Photo: Minh Tran.

Group B of U19 Asean Cup started yesterday on September 10 in Indonesia. All the audiences were expected for the clash between the two rivals U19 Vietnam and U19 Thailand.

U19 Vietnam started with a formation mostly including players from HAGL Arsenal JMP Academy. On U19 Thailand side, most players came from the first course of Arsenal JMG Thailand. They were trained one course earlier than players from HAGL. Shortly after 2 minutes, players from U19 Vietnam made mistakes in defense to create conditions for striker Chen Rop Samphodi to score the opening for U19 Thailand.

The early goal did not confuse U19 Vietnam. On the contrary, Coach Grachen’s students tightened their game play with elegant movements and food ideas. Consecutively after 11 and 15 minutes, Cong Phuong and Van Toan in turn scored to give U19 Vietnam a lead of 2 goals to 1. Moreover, one minute before the break of first half, Van Toan completed the brace to increase the score to 3 goals to 1 for U19 Vietnam. Both Van Toan and Cong Phuong were excellent students from HAGL Arsenal JMG Academy.

In the next 45 minutes of the second half, both teams created many dangerous chances but only U19 Thailand took the advantage of the mistake from U19 Vietnam defense to reduce the score to 2 goals to 3 after 84 minutes thanks to Supravee. In the remaining minutes, U19 Vietnam players played fearlessly to defend the final victory of 3 goals to 3.

Vietnam will next meet Malaysia on September 12.

Duc Dong

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