The Vissai Ninh Binh’s remaining goals in season 2013

Posted On 20/12/2013

After Xi Mang Xuan Thanh Saigon officially left V-LEAGUE 2013, the organizer decided that the season only included 20 rounds in comparison with 22 rounds as before. At the end of round 19, the Xi Mang The Vissai Ninh Binh held 10th place on the ranking and would end at the bottom 3. Therefore, the remaining goal of V.Ninh Binh was the final clash with SHB Da Nang in the National Cup.

Entering V-LEAGUE 2013, the V.Ninh Binh team leadership has tried a lot to maintain stability for the team. With the financial budget which is no longer as strong as previous seasons, V.Ninh Binh has maintained the stability in personnel. Therefore, at the beginning of this season, V.Ninh Binh boldly set the goal to be in the top 3.

There is one more round before V-LEAGUE 2013 closes while the top 3 goal set at the beginning of the season cannot become true. The current ranking of V.Ninh Binh is the 10th position (18 points), which certainly does not change after the last round because they are 4 points more than Kien Giang, the bottom position and 4 points less than Dong Tam Long An, the 9th position. More disappointedly, in the last rounds, V.Ninh Binh also fell into the circumstances to fight for the relegation with Kien Giang (before grasping the victory against K.Kien Giang on the home team and Xi Mang Xuan Thanh Saigon giving up, which led to the organizers’ decision that no team was relegated this season).  In the first half of the season, although V.Ninh Binh played not too successfully with a lot of disappointing draw, they kept a safe position in the middle of rankings. In the second half of the season, the ongoing defeats in the last rounds made the position of V.Ninh Binh significantly dropped in the rankings, to a position that was inconsistent with the true potential of a team which is always assessed as young giant of Vietnamese football. This can be an end for V.Ninh Binh in V-LEAGUE season 2013. With the goals set at the beginning of the season and the expectations of Ninh Binh fans, the current results can be considered a big disappointment.

Contrary to the unexpected results in V -League 2013, V.Ninh Binh has shown its strengths and in turn passed its opponents to be the first team to compete in the National Cup final. Although the National Cup is not as stressful and competitive as V – LEAGUE, the way for V.Ninh Binh to the finals is not always smoothly. For example, in the quarter-finals when V.Ninh Binh faced a good form Hoang Anh Gia Lai, V.Ninh Binh players showed their strength and had a convincing victory over their rivals. In the semi-final against Dong Tam Long An, V.Ninh Binh always took the lead, but was equalized at 3-3, which leads to the penalty shootout and V.Ninh Binh showed a great spirit to grasp the victory at 4-3.

The opponent for V.Ninh Binh in the final is SHB Da Nang, former champion of National Cup 2012 and heavy candidate for the championship. After the 19th round, SHB Da Nang became the former champion of the National Cup. Maybe at this time, the Han River team has also calculated to reach the highest aim at the National Cup.

The final showdown of National Cup 2013 will take place on 5 September in Chi Lang field. This causes significant difficulties for Coach Nguyen Van Sy and his students when playing in away field, especially when SHB Da Nang also aims to the National Cup. Excited about this fascinating match, the ancient capital fans hope that Coach Nguyen Van Sy and his students show all that they have already done towards their opponents on the way to the final to grasp the National Cup.


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