Vissai Ninh Binh won 3 goals to 2 against Xi Mang Vicem Hai Phong: The home team won 3 points after a beautiful match

Posted On 20/12/2013

V.NB has devoted a voyeuristic game at home field with a beautiful attacking style plus the shining form of the foreign strikers that forced heavyweight opponent V.HP to leave empty-handedforced

Both teams started off with a pretty good team, and in just the first minutes of the game, Ninh Binh fans witnessed the beautiful rallies of foreigner strikers.


Moussa (V.NB) opened the scoring very early on. Photo: SN

After 5 minutes, Moussa took advantage of the defense’s neglect to fire past Hai Phong defender and pass the ball to Timothy to have a dangerous shot that forced goalkeeper Ngoc Tan push hard. The ball then came to Van Ta’s foot and he simply flipped the ball to score for Ninh Binh.

On the go with the prevalence, V.NB continuously attacked and caused problems for the visitor’s defense and Moussa just missed bit of luck to increase the score for the home team after a devilish header from close range.

V.HP seemed to be inferior to the rapid-fire attacks in the next minutes and had to wait until the fixed situation after 25 minutes to score a lucky draw after a header from a corner situation. The ball hit the crossbar then bounced just in front of Antonio who quickly flipped the ball to the goal and leveled things up.

The ancient capital’s stadium seemed to explode in the next minutes. Danh Ngoc consecutively passed the ball to the duo foreign players to bombard V.HP goal. However, the visitors played more focused than in the first minutes of the match.


V.HP cheered after the draw. Photo: SN

The second half started with the home striker shooting from long range that went narrow of the post after a clear pass by Timothy outside the goal area.

V.NB’s attacking style has revealed the weakness in defense, which was thoroughly exploited by the away team. Repeatedly being counter attacked by V.HP in the last minutes, the home team goal was only saved thanks to the excellence of goalkeeper Van Hung together with timely support of midfielders.

Unexpectedly after a period back to support defense, Mai Tien Thanh suddenly had a skillful dribble from the midfield and fired past V.HP defense before shooting at close range. However, goalkeeper Ngoc Tan rushed out to save for the away team.

After 78 minutes, catching a long pass from comrades, Timothy fired past the two defenders of V.HP to reach the goal area before shooting through the groin of goalkeeper Ngoc Tan to give the ancient capital team a lead of 2 goals to 1.

It was the end for the Port team when after 83 minutes, Moussa had a devilish pass from the left to Mai Tien Thanh who unattachedly jumped with a header to beat goalkeeper Ngoc Tan and increased the difference to 2 goals for V.NB.

As the game was only counted in seconds, Gilberto from V.HP unexpectedly reduced the score to 2 goals to 3 after a close range header with a pass from teammate outside the penalty area. This is the final result of this game.


V.Ninh Binh:
Van Hung; Quang Hung, Gia Tu, Xuan Luan, Tien Thanh; Danh Ngoc, Van Ta, Piter, Manh Dung; Timothy, Moussa.

V.Hai Phong:
Ngoc Tan; Van Hoc, Hoang Duc, Thanh Tuan, Minh Duc; Huu Phat, Minh Chau, Justice, Van Tan; Gilberto, Antonio.

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