Being relegated, K.Kien Giang threatens to leave the season

Posted On 20/12/2013

“We had to borrow money to go to Ninh Binh from Kien Giang play, but the referee had “killed” K.Kien Giang and the match. If the referee did his good job, we could have got one point to pursue the hope to avoid relegation. If the organizer does not raise their voice, K.Kien Giang will not lay the last 2 games of the season”, said Coach Lai Hong Van of K.Kien Giang after the match against V.Ninh Binh.

The loss 0-1 against V.Ninh Binh yesterday afternoon (18 August) officially made K.Kien Giang relegated before 2 rounds (K.Kien Giang currently ranks 12 with 16 points while V.Ninh Binh has 22 points and ranked 11 and while the ancient capital Hoa Lu has more favorable head to head results. Not only being disappointed about the results, Coach Lai Hong Van bluntly declared that they will leave the season if the organizer doesn’t want to analyze the tape and express opinions on the referee. K.Kien Giang also leave the game. .

“To end the tournament successfully, despite extreme financial difficulties,  we have to borrow money to move out from Kien Giang to Ninh Binh. However, the referee “killed” us, ruined the game because of incorrect decisions. In the situation that defender Quang Hung from V.Ninh Binh clearly touched the ball by hand in the penalty area, main referee Nguyen Trong Thu did not blow, which is a very confusing decision of the referee group”, said Mr. Van about “black king” in Ninh Binh field on 18 August afternoon.

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Coach Lai Hong Van (right) and K.KG players felt imperative on referee works

 Also, according to the tactician, it was the situation from the wrong decision of referee Thu made ​​the whole spirit of K.Kien Giang players deteriorated and they do not want to fall into a state of not desire to play. “All the players intended to quit right after the referee’s decision not to accept the 11m situations, but I asked them to play. K.Kien Giang tried their best but what did we get in return? During the technical meeting before the game, I have to remind the referee oversight and game monitor to be careful about arbitration, yet they seemed to ignore all what I said”, said Mr. Van.

Not only the “master” felt imperative but the K.Kien Giang’s players also surrounded the referee group with vehement reaction. Back to the home team’s technical area, they also used a lot of hash words to “back king”. “We have tried our best to do everything in difficult situations, yet the referee ruined everything. K.Kien Giang lost 1 point and officially relegated. The main cause comes from the referee group (main referee Trong Thu, 2 assistants Tuan Anh and Duc Chien, and Phung Dinh Dung, the 4th referee), imperatively said Captain Duy Anh from K.Kien Giang team.

Just because of the entire blame for the referee, Coach Lai Hong Van vowed to ask the organizers to review the tape. “Following this match is the chief organizer, Tran Duy Ly, then K.K Giang will recommend Mr. Ly review the tape and have clear opinions on the wrong decisions of the referee group. I was very imperative and dissatisfied of the referee group today. If K.Kien Giang’s leader saw this match, I think they certainly suggest us to leave the season. Hence in my opinion, VPF must have the explanation to K.Kien Giang leader. Or else we will leave and not participate in this season”, declared Mr. Van.

On the other side, Coach Van Sy said that he had no evaluation or comment on the referee work in this game. “In my perspective, it was really hard to observe this situation, and I have no idea on it. As for the game, though V.Ninh Binh won the game but I did not appreciate the qualification. It may be due to the important feature, the players of the two sides entered the game with tense psychological condition, which makes the match not have highly specialized nature, “said coach Van Sy.
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